Zee Kannada Drama Juniors Season 2 – Contestants, Judges, Host, Concept, Winner Name, Prize

Zee Kannada Drama Juniors is an awesome drama show on the famous television “Zee Kannada”. This is a great platform for young talents to showcase their talent to the world. This excellent show has been telecasted in Zee Kannada in every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. This show was released on 22nd July of 2017.

Zee Kannada Drama Juniors Season 2


This show will be very entertaining to all the audiences and has reached great heights. This show will also be an inspiration to many other kids as well as their parents. In this show, the kids have entertained the viewers a lot with their cuteness, energy, and talent as well. They have also given extraordinary performances, which gives amazing entertainment to the audience. By their amazing act, they also increased the value of the show and also they have added delight to the audience.


The final contestants of the Zee Kannada Drama Juniors season 2 are as follows.

  • Achitnya
  • Tushar
  • Putraju
  • Amogha
  • Chitrali
  • Mahindra
  • Revathi
  • Tejaswini


  • Actress Juli Lakshmi
  • T N Seetharaman
  • Chinnari Mutta Vijaya Raghavendra

Zee Kannada Drama Juniors Season 2


  • Master Anand

Winner Name:

  • Puttarju – winner
  • Chitraali – winner
  • Mahindra – first runner-up
  • Amogha – second runner-up


Puttaraju and Chitraali are the winners of the Drama junior’s season 2 and they both received a cash prize of Rs.4 lakh. Also, they have been honored with the trophies. Mahindra was the first runner-up who received a cash prize of Rs.2 lakh and Amogha is the second runner-up and receives a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh. This grand finale took place on the ground of Vidyadana Samithi High School in Karnataka District.


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