The Write India Contest Season 2 (2016) – Registration details

Everyone has a story to narrate in some form or the other. Most people don’t get the required platform to share their views and stories. Times of India is organizing a contest for the people who love to write.

The main aim of writing is attracting source crowd writing. The contest is about writing a short story and 11 bestselling authors have started on the Write India Contest 2016. Vinita Dawra Nangia is the main person behind the contest. She is basically a journalist with hard core experience in the field of lifestyle and relationships.

There are some details which should be followed by the participants before they can share their short story in this contest.

The Write India Contest

Registration Details:

  1. The minimum age for participating in this contest should be above 18 years. Contestants below the age of 18 years can also participate in the contest by taking their parental guidance.
  2. For participating, the contestant has to register with Times of India and provide their full name, address, email, phone number and all the necessary information that will be asked during the registration process.

Fees for Registration:

The contest is totally free and no fees are needed to participate in the contest.

Details for Campaign:

  1. There will be 11 winners selected by the 11 authors who become the jury panel for the contest. The stories are to be submitted from 7th of the month and it ends on the 30th of the month.
  2. The results for the contest will be declared within 45 days of submission of the stories. Anyone who wants to showcase their writing skills can do so in this contest.
  3. The basic way of forming the story is through a passage that will be provided by any one of the renowned authors that will form the jury. The creativity and storytelling way will be judged of the candidates.

write India season 2

The winner of the contest will find their story made into a book by the Times Group with each chapter of the 11 winners. For a period of 11 months, every month winner will get a Kindle from Times Group. The winners will also get a chance to be a part of a Unique Writers Camp and get instructed by the prominent authors.

Every writer who aspires to get recognition should take a chance and participate in the contest!

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