“Into The Wild” – A New Reality TV Series To Explore the Hidden Wildlife of India

Sony BBC Earth,on the eve of World Earth Day is launching a new wildlife series. The show will be called Hidden India. It will be narrated by Geraldine Jones. The show’s primary focus will be exploring the untamed and unexplored wildlife of India. The lesser known wildlife of India’s history will be told, their stories unearthed.

Into The Wild A New Reality TV Series

It will be a three part wildlife series and will explore the diversity of fauna in India.The three sections are:

  • Lands of Change- will illustrate how animals adapt themselves to seasonal changes.
  • Lands of Mountains– Western Ghats and its unexplored wildlife.
  • Lands of Rivers–The course of River Ganges, its hidden beaches and how it is a heaven for young turtles.

Premiere Date: 22nd April, 2017

Network: Sony BBC Earth

Overview of Initial Episodes

The first episode will focus on as to how animals adapt to climate change, especially when water dries up after monsoon. While, in the later episodes, Indian mountains will be explored. Not Himalayas, you know about that. The story and whereabouts of other mountain ranges in India.

About the Creator of the Show

Julian Hector, head of the BBC Natural History Unit (NHU), has set on the course to celebrate India’s wildlife and natural history. He has been doing this for over twenty years and during the span he has created award winning programs like World On the Move (2008) and David Attenborough’s life stories (2009). He is also overseeing the shooting of the show and regarding India he said, “The most liberating thing about India is that no matter where you are, there are always people with specialized skills willing to help you”.

A Teaser of the unexplored wildlife

Before you catch up with the show, let us enlighten you with some interesting creatures you wouldn’t have heard of before.

The pygmy hog is the smallest and rarest wild pig on the planet. Hector found it in the Kaziranga National Park in Assam. Ever heard of a purple frog? They are found in the Western Ghats and stay hidden underground for over a year and digs itself out only when it rains to find a mate. Such creatures inspired Hector to create a show with this theme.

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