Top 5 Best TV Shows on Sony TV | Most Popular TV Shows on Sony TV

Sony TV provides a broad range of entertainment programs that focus the main audience who watch the shows eagerly. It is named as best entertainment television channel which is based on Hindi. The channel delivers popular shows which are satisfied and still watching those shows by the audience. Of course, the Sony TV mainly focuses on the family audiences and telecast shows on various genres.

Here, top 5 best TV shows on Sony TV are listed below as follows:

5. CID


This is one of the crime serials telecast in the Sony TV. However, the trio of officers who work for CID will concentrate on work and finds the illegal crimes happen in the city. They seek the help of professional and get clues for the sudden death. This is named as high profile crime cases that depict the way of impressing the audience eagerly.

4. Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman

Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman

This plot follows the life of Lord Hanuman who is famous in Hinduism. From the childhood, the life of him will start depicts the journey until the end. Also, it tells the great devotee of Lord Ram and become a most anticipated devotee in the world. So, the show provides religious values from the ancient time and deserves the best skills for his excellent acting on the screen. Every people are watching this serial to know about ancient devotional methods followed by Lord Hanuman.

3. Crime Patrol

Crime Patrol

The Sony TV provides most popular reality show called Crime Patrol. The shows continue up to a 4th season, and the targeted audience will watch this show every day. However, the show telecast an hour day and depicts the happenings surround them. It gives alert and audience eagerly looking the show which consists of new serials taken from this show. The show is hosted by Anoop Soni who delivers fascinating performance till the show end.

2. Sabse Bada Kalakaar

sabse bada kalakar 2017

Sabse Bada Kalakaar is one of the reality shows which allow the kids to show talents in front of famous celebrities. However, the show is a good response by the audience and watches the show eagerly in front of TV. Of course, this show will be telecast at 8 to 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday only. So, it offers great entertainment for the audience to sit back and relax for one hour.

1. The Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show

It is one of the most popular shows where it comes from stand-up comedy and also a talk show. Every Saturday and Sunday this show will be aired on Sony TV, and hence audience sits in front of it. However, the Kapil Sharma is a lead star of the show and provides his excellent comedy sense that made the show more enjoyable. Some people were eagerly looking the show and watched the serial every week.

From the above, the top 5 best TV shows in Sony TV provides excellent shows that deliver reality and other shows forever. However, this consists of higher standards where the audience stays stunned in this Sony Channel.

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