Top 5 Best TV Shows for Personal Finance in India

The application of certain finance principles to the monetary decision of a family or an individual is personal finance.Understanding and exploring it will help you with your wealth building efforts. You long term financial goals will be fortified only if your short term personal finance planning is strong. From living within your means to commence saving from your first salary, from setting a retirement account to appreciating the compound interest, from investing wisely to paying off your credit card bill at its entirety, personal finance encompasses all, and thus it become crucial to develop a good understanding of these things.

And to do that, the wisest way is to go through the television route. There are a number of personal finance shows out there serving the above mentioned benefits. And this list intends to informs you of 5 such shows which can rely on to satisfy your personal finance goals.

5. Your Money – CNBC Awaaz

Your Money Show

Airtime- 06:30 PM

Your Money is a special personal finance show that airs daily on CNBC Awaaz. Its main area of focus is investment management in mutual funds, Insurance, loans, and credit cards. In every respective domain, experts advise on the panorama of investment by sharing their knowledge. Questions of viewers are also answered in the show.

4. The Property Show – NDTV Profit

The Property Show

Airtime- 08.30 pm

This show’s primary aim is to educate its viewers of investing one’s property in the most sagacious manner. It informs you of the latest property options and prices. Learn how to increase your property with this masterpiece show from their experts.

3. Smart Money – Boomerang TV India

Smart Money

In association with Mint, Bloomerang TV India airs a personal finance show called Smart Money. Hosted by Vivek Law and Monika Halan, the show concept demands that the viewers ask questions followed by debates centered on questions asked that explore various issues  revolving around personal finance.You will be benefited on a number of aspects that include: investment planning, wealth creation and money management.

2. Plan F – CNBC TV 18

Plan F

Airtime –Saturdays 7 pm

Learn simple savings and investment lessons and advice, start making well informed financial decisions and learn the art of investing the right way with this 10-episode weekly series. The financial fitness plan show brings and showcases actual investors before you. Sumaiara Abidi and Cyrus Broacha hosts the show. Financial Advisers and experts analyze the cases of individuals.

1. Stock Talk – CNBC Awaaz

Stock Talk

It is the flagship personal finance show of CNBC Awaaz. Everyday it picks and suggests best stocks to invest in. Moreover, if you have any queries related to those stocks in which you have invested or are intending to invest, you can call and have it answered by the leading market experts.

Author Bio: Reza Irani Kermani co-founded Black Pearl Capital with Abbas Jafarian in 2007. Reza Irani was formerly on the board of the Albert Abela Corporation and Sogeres SA, being one of the youngest executives ever to hold such positions.

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