Top 10 Best TV Comedians in India

If I have to put it figuratively, comedy is one of those constituents of our atmosphere that bestows positivity by invoking happiness in everyone’s life. It would be demeaning to classify and recognize comedy as a bunch of jokes. It’s much larger than that, on so many proportions.

Indian television has witnessed a number of amazing stand-up comedians taking to the stage, showcasing their mettle, and engraving their name amongst the hearts of Indian television audiences. Some of them went too far the line and have made a name for them, and that will resonate until comedy itself, will thrive. This is our list of the best TV comedians in India. Check it out:

10. V.I.P.

Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar

Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar, better known as V.I.P. is at the entrant of this list of renowned and popular comedians on Indian television. Known to instantly mimic more than Bollywood actors, he also won the Comedy Circus second installment along with Juhi Parmar, after previously finishing as runner-up with duo Swapnil Joshi in the first installment of the show.

9. Ahsaan Qureshi

Ahsaan Qureshi

Ahsaan Qureshi is widely known for his ‘shayarana’ depiction of stand-up comedy, which is unique of any comedian. He was the runner up of the first edition of the “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”. Much of his jokes revolve around political satire and social issues.

8. Sunil Pal

Sunil Pal

From working at a tea stall in Santacruz as a waiter to sleeping on footpaths, Sunil Pal have had his fair share of struggle, and quite remarkably, he proved his knack at comedy in little time. He contested in the inaugural season of the “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” and went on to win the show amidst the likes of Raju Srivastava and Ahsaan Qureshi.  His self-created character of the drunkard “Ratan Noora” is alive in the hearts of Indian audiences, still today.

7. Krishna Abhishek

Krishna Abhishek

Krishna Abhishek is a good actor, a good dancer, but an outstanding comedian. The glitter and energy associated with his comic acts are enough to cite him as one of the most beloved comedian.  His duo with Sudesh Lehri has earned praise many a times and is frequently hailed as one of the best duo in the country.

6. Ali Asgar

Ali Asgar

Ali Asgar is one of the most talented stand-up comedian and actor of India. Of the depictions of various characters, the enthusiasm and jolliness of  the “Dadi” of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ played by him, stomped many taboos and stigmas of the society, whilst setting new standards in the comedy genre.

5. Sudesh Lehri

Sudesh Lehri

Featuring next on this list is Sudesh Lehri.  He won three seasons of “Comedy Circus” with his essential-half, Krushna Abhishek. He currently appears in the “Comedy Nights Bachao” which has one of the highest TRP amongst all the comedy shows.

4. Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh

The only female to feature on this list, deserving and very adorable, is Bharti Singh. She has been a delight to watch since the day she made her first appearance as a stand-up comedian on television. Her self-created character “Lalli” which she frequently portrays is very winsome and endearing.

3. Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover is one of the most loved comedians on Indian television. He garnered immense fame and acclaim by playing one of the most loved fictional character “Guthi” on ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. People were utterly disappointed when he briefly quitted the show, but, that was not for long and Guthi returned, much to the joy of many. He has also acted in India‘s first silent comedy show, “Gutur Gu” on SAB TV. He has been enacting in various good roles in a number of Bollywood films too.

2. Raju Shrivastav

Raju Shrivastav

Raju Srivastava is one of the most famous comedians of our country. He is a master of the genre and is frequently cited as the one of the best stand-up comedian. His self created character “Gajodhar” became popular spontaneously, after it struck just the right chord with Indian audiences. Besides television, he had portrayed many characters full of zeal and life on silver screen.

1. Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma

Speaking unarguably and invariantly, Kapil Sharma is the best Indian comedian. I am not incorrect in quoting that “he has redefined the genre of comedy to many an extent”. His deliverance is impeccable and he hosts a show that entails his own brand name “The Kapil Sharma Show”.  The fame which he has accumulated in the genre of comedy will be unmatched for many years to come.


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