Top 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Bigg Boss

Here are few facts about Bigg Boss house that will make you amaze and shocked as well:

1. The Cutest and Most Adorable Fact

pritam-met-his-daughter-in-Bigg Boss house

RJ Pritam witnessed his daughter walking for the first time while he was in the house. This must would have come out as a huge surprise of his life. Amidst all the chaos and mental pressure, which prevails in the house, no one can ask for anything more refreshing and adorable than this!

2. An Unusual Fact

sonika kaliraman opted out from Bigg Boss house

A wrestler, daughter of formal Indian wrestler, (Chandgi Ram) Sonika Kaliraman is the only Bigg Boss participant in the history of the franchise to enter the house while she was pregnant. She was removed from the house on Day 8 as Bigg Boss feared a miscarriage owing to the mental pressure in the house.

3. Winners and their Age Numbers

bigg-boss-winners-and-their age difference

Season 3 winner, Vindu Dara Singh, aged 41  and Season 8 winner, Gautam Gulati, aged 27 are the oldest and youngest winners of Bigg Boss respectively to date.

4. Interesting Facts about International Participants

jade goody in bigg boss house

Jade Goody of England, an English reality television personality was the first ever international contestant on the show. She left the show on the second day  due to embodiment of cancer within her.

Pamela Anderson reportedly charged a whopping sum of 2.5 crores, for a  three day stay in the house.

5. Eviction Facts

pooja-mishra-bigg boss

Pooja Mishra, who participated in the season 5 of Bigg Boss, received a total of 35 eviction votes during her 8 week journey on the show.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, unarguably was the most amiable contestant of Season 6 and received not even a single eviction vote from any fellow contestants. He also possesses the record of longest stay in the house without any nomination for eviction. The results of the finale could have been different if  he hadn’t had to leave the show due to personal reasons.

6. There is a CLEANING CREW for the house of Bigg Boss


Janitors are largely responsible for the cleanliness in the Bigg Boss house, rather than the contestants. Participants only indulge themselves in minor cleaning and dusting of the house. A lot of fury and hassles are raised by the participants due to cleaning.  Imagine the frequency of quarrels, if the cleaning crew was not in the picture. 😛

7. The HAUNTED house of BIGG BOSS!

biggboss haunted house

A number of internal sources have made revelations about the house of Bigg Boss being haunted. Reportedly, there have a couple of instances where the contestants as well as crew members  have experienced paranormal activities. One such instance claimed, “A shadow of a  woman sitting on the chest and giving a feeling of being choked”. Visions of wandering woman have also been encountered.

8. Alcohol Prohibited? No, Not Really!

alcohol in bigg boss

There have been tittle-tattle about contestants being provided with liquor in the form of juice boxes. One can speculate the validity of this gossip from the frequency of emotional outbursts with the contestants. And the next time you spot anyone holding a juice box in their hands, decipher the mystery sagaciously.

9. Cumbersome Job for the Editors

editors jobs at bigg boss

Since the show has been approved for family audiences, editors are presented with  the tiresome task at hand. Inmates get  intimate and cozy, every once in a while, to the extent that might not be suitable for family audiences. There is more to every friction which happens among the contestants against what you witness in the hour long episode. With all these factors at play, editors need to  incorporate themselves with a hefty lot of editing.

10. Bending the Rules a Bit

rules bended at big boss house

It is forbidden in the house of Bigg Boss to sleep during daytime. The number of cameras installed inside the house stood at 32 in season 1 to 8 plus during season 9. Caring less about the rules, inmates can be often spotted taking a nap, at places, cameras couldn’t capture. These hideous spots are usually under the table or behind a sofa.

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