Top 10 Best Male News Anchors in India

A good anchor and journalist is evenhanded, unbiased, unprejudiced, and fearless at dictating the truth verbatim. The unspeakable authority which the media persons carry, to put it to misuse, can be very tempting. Regardless, when a good news anchor speaks, he must speak nothing despite the truth itself cross-verified thoroughly against facts.

Check out our list of 10 best news anchors in India.

10. Rohit Sardana

Rohit Sardana

A senior news anchor at Zee News for the past 9 years, he currently produces and presents ‘Karmakshetra’, a only show of its kind. His credibility and integrity has helped him win various accolades such as Best News Anchor Award from Delhi Education Society, Madhav Jyoti Samman for Excellence in Journalism, and more. Previously, he has worked with ETV Network and Sahara Samay.

9. Abhigyan Prakash

Abhigyan Prakash

A media icon and a conduit who advocates change, Abhigyan Prakash is one of the most esteemed name in the field of news anchoring and journalism. He was a reporter at the start of his career until he made a switch to anchoring in 1997. His commitment to truth and objectivity is uncompromised, and his baritone makes him a flawless orator in both Hindi and English.

8. Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami

Born in Guwahati, Arnab Goswani has been a journalist for over two decades.He is the editor-in-chief and news anchor at Times Now and ET Now. He hosts a special TV programme, ‘Frankly Speaking with Arnab’. On weekdays, ‘The Newshour’is a live debate anchored by him. Lately, this show has became much of a pattering arena, and Arnab has sidelined himself with a number of controversies.

7. Punya Prasun Bajpai

Punya Prasun Bajpai

A prime-time anchor and executive editor at Aaj Tak, he is a renowned name in the field of electronic and print media since 20 years. He has six books published to his name and he is the only journalist who has won the Ramnath Goenka award for Hindi print and electronic media twice.

6. Sumit Awasthi

Sumit Awasthi

He is an eminent journalist and news anchor at IBN 7, and has an experience of over 15 years in the field. He has worked with leading news brands of the country and anchored a horde of news shows. His expertise lies with politics, cricket, and international affairs. He won NT award in 2012 for best anchor.

5. Sudhir Chaudhary

Sudhir Chaudhary

The senior editor and business head of Zee News anchors the prime time show DNA(Daily News & Analysis). With an experience in the television news industry that span more than two decades, he abetted in the launch of Sahara Samay, the Hindi news channel of Sahara Group. Though his career has been girdled with controversies, he seldom has secluded himself from narrating what ought to be said.

4. Deepak Chaurasia

Deepak Chaurasia

Noteworthy for his straight-forward and to the point journalism, he is a news anchor and editor-in-chief at India news. In the early days of his career, he was a consulting editor at DD News and has also worked with Aaj Tak and ABP News. He has an expertise and profound experience in covering news items related to politics.

3. Dibang


Known to host prime time show ‘Jana Mana’ on ABP News, Dibang is adduced as one of the best rated anchors in the industry. Presently, he is a member of a debate panel on ABP news. Previously, he was the launching face of Aaj Tak, and  managing editor of NDTV India. He played the role of an ex-RAW agent in the 2013 Bollywood film, Madras Café.

2. Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma

He is one of the most distinguished and well recognized journalists and news anchor of India. Currently, he is the chairman and editor-in-chief at India TV. Lately, the news bulletin show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, hosted by him, completed 25 years of run on television.

1. Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar

Unceasingly regarded as an ideal news anchor and journalist, Ravish Kumar needs no exordium. He is a news anchor and journalist with NDTV India, and is notably credited for ‘Prime Time’, ‘Ravish Ki Report’, and ‘Qasba’. Most of the news he covers are the topics pertaining to Indian politics and society. He has been conferred with the prestigious Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi award for Hindi Journalism and Creative Literature.

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