Tips to Make a Video for Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 9 as a Participant

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is one of the most prominent and established dance shows in Indian television. Getting through the auditions is a hard earned chance. As a participant, there are a number of things that should be done and some that shouldn’t be while making a video for the purpose of audition. Following is a list of tips for making a video for Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 9 as a participant.


  1. Show an appropriate piece

It is firstly very important to choose the perfect piece for your dance audition. As a Jhalak Dikhla Jaa participant, it is very necessary to perform nothing but the best. Hence performance should be based on such a piece that you are a pro in. The piece should be such that it brings out the best dancer in you. It should showcase the individual strengths of the dancer and the best representation of the skill level.

  1. Select your attire and backdrop

Once you have decided the best piece to perform, the next step is to select the attire and backdrop. This step irons out the logistics of dancing. It is best recommended to choose a clean space that has a lot of natural light. Added lighting equipment can be brought to make sure that the video captures all your movements in an adequate manner. The performer’s outfit should be catchy and appropriate enough for the dance item performed. You should always dress for success while choosing your clothing for a video.

  1. Show your strengths

The biggest platform needs to see your best strengths as a dancer and a performer. Show the best strengths you have when it comes to showcasing the video. For example, if your strength is hip hop, go for this particular dance form. It is you who best understand the varied strength and weaknesses. Hence, make your dance form such that shows your main strengths. The strengths shown work best for you as the viewers are able to judge upon your best strength skills.

  1. Include work with a partner

As Jhalak Dikhla Jaa is about dancing with a partner, hence this technique can work wonders for you. To partner, it takes a completely different sort of technique and also skill. After presenting some solo work of yourself, show some works that accompanies your partner. This is a good way to show what you are capable of as you would like your viewers to get an understanding of your overall dancing skills. After showing solo techniques, partner with someone and enhance your dancing skills.

  1. Show diversity in your movement

Showing diversity in the movement lets the judge know about the variety of styles known by you. If your forte is a number of varied dancing forms, then you should incorporate all of the forms in your video. You can have some of them in flash, after that you need to have some depth in technique along with character in order to back it up. For example, if your forte is both classical and jazz, then incorporate such a dance item which shows both your skills gracefully. The small piece of video is going to decide your future; hence it should be such that shows all your strengths.

  1. Keep it short and crispy

It is recommended to not have your video too long. A very long video tends to put the attention of the judges at bay. Hence it is advised to keep the span of the video as short as possible to avoid losing the attention of the judges. When the video is short and crisp, it tends to capture the attention of the judges completely. This lets them notice each and every dance movement with care and concern. The maximum time span of attention is about 10 minutes. Hence a video should be within the time gap. Put your strongest put forward and show the best you got.

  1. Best quality video and editing

The quality of the video should be the topmost quality and not a low quality one. Do not put a low quality video excerpt. Best quality video brings out your dance forms in the most graceful manner and lets the judges have the best view. The video also needs to be edited properly. Hence it is advised to take the guidance of a professional editing expert for the purpose of editing. The editing should be done properly so that it beautifully synchronises your dance forms in a well presented video.

  1. Do not separate sessions

It is best to have a video shot in continuance rather than splitting it up. Viewers can understand when a video gets split up, thus it is best not to split up sessions in different parts. Viewers tend not to approve video which has been spliced up. They opt to see not just your technique and skill, but also your endurance. Dancers who are able to film their audition in one single session is given prime importance.

  1. Reflect your personality

It is best to express yourself and show the kind of expressive and pleasing dancer you are. Apart from the dance skills, what attracts you is your personality. Also, choose variations that show both your artistic and technical skills. Do make sure that you are not concentrating completely on technique but also on expression. Put a strong personality presence in front of the judges so that it works as a bonus. Make yourself stand out from the rest by showing your pleasing personality.

  1. Avoid getting too fancy with your dance video

In an audition of dance video, the viewer is likely to prefer to see a one-camera video rather than two-cameras. The edits of two-camera involves putting together a number of angles. The choice made while showing your dances from certain varied angles might also seem suspicious. Therefore it is best to shoot a video from one single camera rather than more.

Above mentioned are the tips to be followed while making video for Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 9. These work best for you and help in rendering the best presented video for your auditions.

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