Tips to Make a Video for Bigg Boss 10 as a Participant

The organizers of the show have asked the participants to submit a 3 minute video. The video submitted by the contestants is going to  be the deciding factor that will help you move a step closer towards the subsequent audition rounds. Therefore, you need to give it all  going through this. This video making process demands most of your attention. So, one should gather all the tips and advice one can. I have devised and assembled a list of points below, that  one can utilize to their benefit.

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A Couple of Essentials your Video Must Have

You should begin the video by introducing yourself, details of your profession and some interesting facts about yourself. Moreover, you should pay a stern concern over the following questions. Why do you want to be on Bigg Boss? How does your being on the show is going to be a highlight of the show?

Conceptualize your Video

Before diving into the process of shooting your video, you should conceptualize your video. There should be a central theme to the content of the video.

Highlight your Specialties

Everybody possesses a different set of skills. Quirks associated with an individual vary from person to person. The video should essentially highlight the skills you are good at. Who knows, you might be in possession of just the right set of skills that makes a Bigg Boss participant.

Watch out for the Frame and the Angle of the Camera

Always shoot your video in a frame which enhances the content of your video. If possible, try multiple angle shooting, this helps make your video more intriguing. For example, if there are some dialogues which you want to be emphasized upon, you can enhance the scene with a close up shot.

Make  sure you are in a quiet environment before you press record on your camera. The narration in your video should be loud and clear. The dialogues must not be profaned.

Shoot in a Properly Lit up Place

The organizers want to look out for the expression and emotion of the applicant. Therefore, it is advisable to shoot your video in a relatively brighter place with complimenting background.

Present and Project  yourself Naturally

One has to portray one’s true self inside the house of Bigg Boss. Therefore, while making the video, one should emphasize on being as natural as one can. This way, the organizers can have a hint of your character, and things can work out in your favor, if you can manage to impress with the content of the video.

Plan the Sequence of the Content Properly

An illogical sequence and frequent interruptions will make your video a bore to watch. Whatever you have been willing to convey through your video will not come out semantically, if the scene sequences in your video are jumbled.

Make use of the 3 minutes sagaciously

Frankly speaking, not everyone is going to find 3 minute sufficient. Therefore, you need to incorporate a crisp editing with your video. Additionally, the pace of the video must be uniform.

Having watched out for these peculiarities, you will grab the full attention of the show runners. Embracing every detail will help you score on every small aspect from the viewpoint of the judge. Ergo, your chances of getting selected will be boosted leaps and bounds.

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