Thriller Nigooda Serial On Zee Kannada – Casts, Story, Timings & Date

One of the suspense thriller shows created by the director Master Anand is ThrillerNigooda. This story deals with the family based suspense and drama. It deals with the happenings taking place in the night session. Viewers will have enormous thrill and suspense as they do not find the reason for the unnatural happenings. This serial is produced by Joni Films who has previously given us two successful shows like Shrimaan Shrimati and Janumada. Starting from Monday to Friday, visitors will have enormous enthusiasm after seeing this show.

Thriller Nigooda Serial

Thriller Nigooda Serial Story:

Zee Kannada is coming up with an engaging thriller ThrillerNigooda as it is based upon family suspense which is aired at 10.30 P.M. this show assures the audience to keep engaging as it takes them to the rollercoaster of ride with a family which is overwhelmed by paranormal activities during night session. How the big and extended family manages with the happenings which are beyond to the explanation forms the main theme of the story. Unnatural happenings, superstitions and myths which happen only in the death of the night create the storyline. This show is directed by the famous person Master Anand as he is first time stepping towards this kind of genre.

Thriller Nigooda Serial Star-Casts:

This wonderful show depicts the thrilling journey of a family. It can be watched by family so that you can earn more thrill and suspense out of it. The star casts of this show features renowned and successful actors.

  • Ruthu
  • Arun
  • Sanjeev Kulkarni

Telecast/Timing Details:

  • Show name: ThrillerNigooda
  • Telecasting date:17th July 2017
  • Telecasting time:10.30 P.M
  • Telecasting channel: Zee Kannada
  • Telecasting days: Monday-Friday
  • Directed By: Master Anand
  • Genre: family-based suspense drama
  • Produced By: Joni Films

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