“Stupid Man Smart Phone” – A Digital Survival Series on VOOT – Casts, Concept, Timings and Promo

Scaling a disloyal mountain pass, river rapids and battling wildlife in the forests & beating the exhausting desert sun- can your live and stay alive in these uninhabited, harsh terrains with the assistance of just smartphone as well as a data strong network? Video-On-Demand streaming service Voot is planned to answer this question with a new series – stupid man smart phone.

Stupid Man Smart Phone Show


This show will view Vyas along with other celebrities travelling across three demanding terrains, planning to finish the mission at last while being supported by their smartphones as well as their legions of social-media followers.

Actually, these followers are their lifelines during sheer adversity and create some important interactions during the show. Stupid Man Smart Phone seems to be really exciting and it challenged them to push to their personal boundaries, whether it might be mental or physical to carry out stunts which would have never though.

The contestants can make use of phone as well as social media to reach their fans as well as followers for support all over the trip. However, they can also use apps to translate as well as navigate, but they are provided with no cash option, ruling out public transportation.


The promo of this show is available in all YouTube Channels


  • Karan Kundra
  • Evelyn Sharma
  • Sahil Khattar
  • Sumeet Vyas

Telecasting/Timings Details

  • Show Name: Stupid Man Smart Phone
  • Telecasting Channel: VOOT
  • Launch Date: 20th September 2017


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