Star Plus ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’ Show – Auditions, Judges & Registration Details

Have you enjoyed the Dance+, Super Dancer, and Kapil Sharma Show? Well if you had enjoyed them then you will definitely enjoy this show as well- Dil Hai Hindustani.

This is another venture of the DU Jodi, specialist in the reality shows, Ranjeet Thakur and Ruprel Frames Production. This show is going to be another hit of realities shows, which is focused with the theme of reality singing.

dil hai hindustani

What this show is all about?

Dil Hai Hindustani is a new reality show going to be aired on the Star Plus and it is mainly for the aspirants who love singing and have life dedicated to it. It is coming up with a motive to promote and motivate the singing talent who knows Hindi signing.

The best part about the show is that it is a global singing talent reality show, and anyone who knows Hindi signing from the wide world can come and show their valour. The auditions are to be started soon; keep track of the auditions, and show in if you are a real performer.

For the registration page, click here

Details you should have if you are a performer

This show is a talent scavenger, which is going to be a super show having a theme of “A magical Awaaz With A Unique Andaaz.” Also, as it is a global talent hunt show, it would be great that you participate to surface your talent to let the world see it.

But be prepared for the singing combat, this singing combat is going to tough as it is global and contestant are going to be from other countries too- could be Non-Indian and Indian.

dil hai hindustani show

Types of audition- The show is not biased to solo auditions, but has equally accepted the Duo and Group performers as well. Also, if you think that you better with musicians and instrument, you can bring one of yours.

Therefore, this singing reality show is going judge the talent and nothing else.

“Be Prepared, Be Rehearsed.”

Age limits: Any participant between ages of 10-years to 15-years can participate in the show.

Details required to fill in the audition form

To enter the audition process, the candidates have to register and fill in the audition form. The audition will have some personal details to be filled in.

The details are-

  1. Name
  2. Email ID
  3. Age
  4. City
  5. Country
  6. Mobile number

Who is going to judge the show?

Hmm, speculations are strong and sources say that Rapper and Singer Badshaah and Karan Johar, millennial producer, could be the judges of the shows. However, let us wait for the first episode.

karan johan and badshah

What are the audition cities in India?

The audition is divided into the three regions, North, East & South and West Zone. These zones have a single city defined for the auditions where the called participants have to reach.

The three major cities are-

  • Kolkata Auditions – Date, Time & Venue Details 

Date: 5th of November 2016

Time: Yet to be released

Place: Swabhumi Heritage Plaza

  • Mumbai Auditions – Date, Time & Venue Details

Date: 12th of November 2016

Time: Yet to be released

Place: Yet to be released

  • Delhi Auditions – Date, Time & Venue Details

Date: 19th of November 2016

Time: Yet to be released

Place: Yet to be released

We will update the other information once released. Till then stay tuned and stay rehearsing.

Days Are Counting Less!! 😉

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