SAB TV Family Club Contest 2016 – Online Registration & Details

The super celebrated channel, SAB TV has found yet another technique to communicate with its enormous fan following. They have introduced the family club contest to the SAB viewers. The program is a continuation one and is successfully helping the SAB fans to reach out to their favorite stars.

The participant must have attained the age of 18 or above. This is applicable to the Indian citizens who are staying within India. Those interested candidates living outside India, unfortunately cannot take part in the competition.

SAB TV Family Club Contest

Those who are not able to understand English, Hindi subscripts are provided for their convenience along with the English sub titles. The participation in the family club can be done through two ways. The participants can go online and visit the site. A form need to be filled and participation can be confirmed after successful registration. Another way of registration is through giving miss calls.

If you are interested to be one of the members of the SAB family come and join us through the form available here. Filling up the forms with your personal information would bring you more closely to your dream. Accept the invitation and be a part of your favorite show.

For online participation there are certain rules which are required to be followed.

  • The link of the website is to be clicked for online registration.
  • After opening of the form, the details have to be filled up.
  • Enter your first name and last name in the given respective boxes.
  • Next provide your current mobile number so that we can contact you if required.
  • Next enter your valid email number so that we can mail you the details and contact with you whenever required.
  • In the next column enter your birth date. If you are married enter your anniversary date.
  • In the next box write the city and the state that you belong to.
  • After that carefully enter your favorite character from the episodes shown in SAB TV.
  • After selection of the favorite character, write down the number of family members that you want to register. Note must be taken that maximum 5 members can be registered at a time. Write the name of the members of family and the relation with them.
  • After completing all the formalities, submit the form and complete your registration.

You can get a chance to meet your favorite star and visit the shooting set of your favorite character. You can even win autographed merchandises. You can even be invited to important events of SAB TV.

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