Rudra Ke Rakshak On Big Magic – Casts, Timing, Story And Promo

Big Magic, a television channel under Reliance Broadcast Networks, was recently launched its fantasy series particularly for kids, in the name of Rudre Ke Rakshak. From March 27th, 2017, this show is started to air on every Monday to Friday at 6.30 pm.

Rudra Ke Rakshak on Big Magic

Plot/story line:

Each and every episode of this show will portray the adventurous world of protagonist Avi, enacted by a child actor named Yash Sehgal together with his cousins Maya and Vishnu. This fantasy, fast-paced and children targeting show takes audience into a new wizardry world, which is found to be filled with mythical creatures and fantastical kingdoms.

The show has featured a blend of history as well as mythology, which highlights the saga of “Good VS Evil”. It is supposed to be encouraged from Hindu Scriptures against foreign legends. The chief intention of this show is to instill a powerful value system in children whilst entertaining them. The show “Rudra Ke Rakshak” will subtly outline the super power of white magic, being passed over the primary protagonist along with his two cousins. With these outstanding powers, the three of them compete with Gurukaal who will be the leader of black magic.

Star cast:

  • Yash Sehgal plays as Avi
  • Mahi Milan plays the role of Maya
  • Saud plays as Vishu


The promo of Rudra Ke Rakshak has recently released on You Tube channel portraying the story of 3 kids who are bestowed with super powers to fight the battle against evil in Surajpur, a mythical world. The promo starts with three kids who found the gateway to be opened for entering mythical world.

Timing details:

  • TV show: Rudra Ke Rakshak
  • TV channel: Big Magic
  • Launch date: March 27, 2017
  • Telecasting days: Monday to Friday
  • Telecasting timing: 6.30 Pm
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Language: Hindi


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