The Remix – A Music Reality Show on Amazon Prime Video India – Registration, Auditions, Host, Judges, Winning prize

Amazon Prime Video India declared its foremost step towards creating multiple unscripted reality shows for India. The line up comes with a wonderful reality show named “The Remix”. The Remix will be a 10-episode show where singers and DJs will be combined together to create remixes and won a massive prize amount.

The Remix on Amazon Prime Video India

During each and every episode, the singer or the DJ will be paired up & reinterpret a famous song in novel style or format, that will alter from challenge to challenge. During the end of each and every performance, the judges will choose who will be eliminated.

Amazon prime video is famous for creating new originals with wonderful new concepts & local Indian talent. The interested singers can take part in an audition to win over the prize amount.


  • Sunidhi Chauhan
  • Nucleya
  • Amit Trivedi


Not yet announced

Audition Details And Winning Prize

This reality show is created based on the established format which has been sold in 15 countries all over Europe, Africa, and Asia. This show is produced by Grey matter. During each episode, the singer or DJ will reinterpret a famous song in a new format or style, which will alter from challenge to challenge. This remix reality show will be the first series to include an electronic music and DJ but will incorporate some core storytelling aspects as its predecessors.

The audition details for this reality show will be announced soon. The finalized candidates will be getting massive prize amount which you did not expect.

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