Raja Rasoi Aur Andaaz Anokha Season 3 On Epic Channel – Host, Timings, Promo

Next to the astounding success of first 2 seasons, Epic channel is now coming up with a refurbished avatar of its series in Raja Rasoi. The Raja Rasoi series in Epic channel titled Raja Rasoi Aur Andazz Anokha holds true as its name. The love and lore of Indian food stays just as fervent, as the new seasons provides a discovery oriented show format which transforms normal table-top cooking process into enthralling food lab. Featuring prominent chef Ranveer Brar, this show will make you to enjoy from his retreat in both culinary and personal manner.

Raja Rasoi Aur Andazz Anokha Season 3 On Epic Channel

The previous season deals with variety of delicacies and cuisines present all over India. The aroma of these recipes will water our mouths. In season 2, it is expected to bring much more enticing recipes that rejoice Indian food with all its diversity as well as complexity. It takes more pride in country’s varied cooking heritage as well as reflects on the affluence of diverse cuisines in our very own kitchens.

By seeing this show, you can learn about the historical events which influenced cooking practices in various parts of India. This show comprises of combination of recipes by employing local herbs, elongated preparation methods and rare fowls. Food enthusiasts and food writers also share tales on the food habits of maharajas.


Ranveer Brar-His passion for culinary art serves him as the suitable fit for the host for the upcoming season of food series. He has committed this experimental passion and streak for food made him as great mentor.


The promo of this show is telecasted in YouTube channels. This show comprises of combination of food using rare fowls, local herbs and detailed preparation methods.

Telecasting/Timings Details

  • Show name: Raja Rasoi Aur Andazz Anokha
  • Telecasting channel: Epic TV Channel
  • Telecasting time:8.00 P.M to 10.00 P.M
  • Telecasting days: Every Friday
  • Launch date: 7th July 2017


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