Porus: Bamni demands blood of Porus (New Twist)

Unaware of his true identity, Bamni tries to kill Porus

Porus serial updates

One the most famous TV daily soaps in Sony Entertainment Television, Porus is going to reveal new twists this week. This time Porus aka Puru is going for a faceoff with Kanishk in his own birthplace, Pourav Rashtra. Bamni is amazed to know about the face off. He did not believe that someone came to his own land and hurt his son. Bamni, not aware of that Porus is his own son, demanded his soldiers to get the blood of Porus.

Faceoff between Bamni and Porus

Porus also has the blood of royal family, so he can’t be defeated very easily and he showed that in his attitude against Bamni. Without knowing that he is going to kill his own son Bamni went ahead to fight with Porus.

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