Porus: Anasuya’s poor living bring tears in eyes of Bamni (New Episode)

Porus: Confrontation between Bamni and Anasuya

Porus serial latest news

Since Puru aka Porus entered the Paurav Kingdom, the story line is filled with somewhat sentimental touch in one of the most famous TV daily soaps in Sony Entertainment Television, Porus. It is shown in the earlier episode that Porus along with Laachi and Sumer is back to the kingdom to drop the Porus people to their home. But while entering the kingdom Porus has a confrontation with the villainous Kanishk and he humiliates and beats Porus before all. Now, Porus along with Laachi and Sumer had to hide till the grand celebration finishes in the Paurav Kingdom.

Porus becomes emotional to see Anasuya

One of the most emotional moments in the story is when Anusuya is shown alive. After the loss of Purshottam and Bamni, she became mentally sick. She is living her life to the point when she lost Purshottam, 20 years ago. Not aware of that Anusuya is his mother, Porus will feed her food very gently with love and affection. Bamni will also confront Anusuya and after seeing her in that poor state he lost control over his emotions.

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