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Paramavatar Shri Krishna is an impending mythological TV serial going to be aired on &TV.  Do you remember an age old TV serial named “Shree Krishna”, which was produced by Ramanad Sagar? Freshly again, the unchanged concept is now hitting the small screens. The amazing depiction of Lord Krishna’s life has made the show, one of the top favorites among the people in 90’s. This time, the fabulous show will be called “Parmavatar Shri Krishna”.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna serial


The story starts before his birth during which Kansa makes Vasudev and Devki his captives. Kansa has been warned by Akashvani that ninth child of Devki will destroy him and so, he need to kill the child as soon as it born. He decided to put Devki and Vasudev behind bars. Lord Krishna takes birth. Vasudev moves Him to Gokul from Mathura.

He leaves his baby in the arms of Nand and Yasoda. This series recreates the journey of Lord Krishna who appears on Earth and instructs the way of life at each and every step. You will able to see Lord Vishnu narrating several aspects of Krishna’s life.

Star cast:

  • Vishal Karwal as Lord Krishna who is popular for his portrayal of “Nagarjun” in Ek Yoddha and Lord Krishna in “Dwarkadhesh Bhagwaan Shree Krishn”
  • Chaitnanya Choudry – Vasudev
  • Gulki Josh – devki
  • Nimay Samadhiya – Baal Krishnan
  • Raj Singh – narad
  • Gungun Uprari
  • Neha sargam
  • Romanch Mehta
  • Sachin shroff


The promo of the show has not been released yet. But, it can be updated as immediately as it releases. So, please stay tuned to get latest news and information regarding this show.


  • TV serial: “Paramavatar Shri krishna”
  • TV channel: AND TV
  • Launch Date: May 8, 2017
  • Days: Monday To Friday
  • Timings: 6.30 PM
  • Repeat Telecast: updated soon

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