Online Registration & Audition Details for India’s Star Raw 2 (2016)

A unique platform for singers across the nation is India’s Raw Star. It is the first ever reality show of the country which allows the performers to execute with their own composition. Ideally saying, this reality show sets an amazing stage for the upcoming singing talent to deal with their chord. Music ability always claims a decent link or media to express the art of singing to the audience in order to shape the composer’s view and talent. More importantly, when the aspiring talents are searching for such platform, then no need to go anywhere else, because India’s Star Raw has bring the golden chance for such talented composers who can sing as well.

india-star-raw-auditions-and online registration

Participants will have to execute their own composed song under the guidance of one of the most familiar singers across the country, Yo Yo Honey Singh. It is the singing reality show, which brings such opportunity for first time for cream singing talents. If you have your own capacity to make audience dance with the bits of your creation, then India’s star Raw is the appropriate platform for you.

First season of India’s Star Raw had completed with huge success, which compelled the producers and management to continue the show with its second season. This particular reality show gathered enormous numbers of fans during the previous season. Good news is next season is knocking at the door. Participants who were failed to be selected or who are newly interested to take the chance of being a superstar in singing then go for online audition.

The selection process for next season includes audition, hunting the talents from all length and breadth of India. Major cities and remote areas are the main target covering all regions of India, though the date and time are yet to be announced.

One of the familiar Indian entertainment channel Star Plus first broadcast India’s Star Raw, the most exciting singing reality show of the recent time. The initiative to design the program was taken by Mr. Yo Yo Honey Singh who was the judge for the first season. In addition, he will remain the judge as well as the mentor in next season as he has become one of the icon singers among youth. In order to achieve the crown of champion singer, you need to participate in this reality show.

The process of giving audition is quite easy. You need to prepare your demo video of your own composition or else other’s composition and have to submit this in order to complete the first step of audition process. You can upload videos using the official website or else can do the same thing by mobile application. Yo Yo Honey Singh will personally judge your submission. He is judge as well as mentor of this show. To procure the chance of being a contestant in India’s Star Raw, you should take the steps accordingly.

The audition dates of India’s Star Raw are not declared yet. Details are coming very soon. To track the every details, continue the checking at regular interval and keep in touch with us.

Rules and Regulation:

  • In order to get the certificate or ticket from the judge panel for entering into the show, you must not be lesser than 13 years age.
  • India’s Star Raw is the reality show based on none other skill than singing. So do not submit the video with other quality.
  • Your demo video should be 1 to 4 minute long only, not more than this.

Strictly follow the rule in order to get a decent entry in the show submitting other necessary requirements along with the video.

What you have to do for India’s Star Raw audition?

The authority will declare the date and time of audition very soon. Please follow the official website for further information. The steps of completing the audition process are enlisted below.

  • It will be easy for you to track all news and latest updates by following India’s Star Raw official page in Twitter. You can also like the Facebook page to be connected with the process of audition, season 2, 2016.
  • Furthermore, you can subscribe to the official website also by using your computational system or else by smart phone. After login into the website portal, you need to select “Audition Now” button on the top right corner of page.
  • Following the procedure, you should fulfill the registration form by giving all valid details regarding your date of birth, nationality, region from which you belong and many more. Also you have to upload the video which you have made for audition.
  • You are capable of submitting your demo video in three different way as mentioned below:
  1. You can first upload your video in YouTube and then can copy the link from there and paste it in the online registration form of respective audition.
  2. It is quite possible that you can make a demo video and save it in your desktop, handset or some other device. Afterwards, you can upload it inappropriate place to avail the facility of online registration.
  3. You can also send your video in live version at the time of registering by recording it using mobile or web camera.

For further details about online registration and auditions of India’s Star Raw season 2 (2016), you should keep in contact with the main webpage. Be hurry and prepared to procure all chances of being a contestant in that singing reality show.


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