NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest (2017) Details

Does science amuse you? Do you think you have it in yourself to make a worthwhile contribution to science? And has bereft of opportunity impeded your footsteps on this quest? In the answer to all those queries is affirmative, here is your chance. In continuation with three successful decades, NASA’s much awaited science contest is back.

Nasa Ames Space Settlement Contest is an annual contest organized and co-operated by Nasa Ames Research Center, San Jose State University and the National Space Society (NSS). Students of every countryof this planet , up to 12th grade (18 years old), can participate in this contest.

Nasa Ames Space Settlement Contest

Important Details:

  • Deadline of submission: March 1, 2017
  • Until and unless a participant’s submission is plagiarism free, he shall not receive a certificate from NASA.
  • You can opt to receive your certificates in pdf form at your email address.
  • Contest Categories are: 7th grade and under; 8th grade; 9th grade; 10th grade; 11th grade; 12th grade

Note: For each grade contest category, you can participate individually, small teams/groups of two to five, or large teams/group of six and more.

  • The winner shall be selected regardless of age.
  • The winner will receive 3000$ from, and if a team wins, the amount will be evenly distributed.
  • As a condition for entering the competition, contestants give NASA the right to publish their submissions without restriction.


You need to send a hard copy of your entry in addition to two hard copies of a filled out entry form.

Note: One hard copy should be firmly attached to your entry and the other loosely attached, perhaps with a paper clip. The entries must arrive by March 1, 2017 at the following address:

Nasa Ames Research Center

Al/Globus Mail Stop 262-4

Bldg.262, Rm.277

Moffett Field, CA 94035-0001


Teachers using the contest should submit all the projects together.

You won’t be sent any acknowledgement that you entry has been received, so you shouldn’t ask for the same.

Electronic Submission is not allowed, only hard copies mailed at the above mentioned address.

For more details, you can visit here:


Over the years, there had been an increase in the number of cases of plagiarism. You should note that you entry will be disqualified in case of plagiarism. In your writing, you can quote a small paragraph, but the reference needs to be mentioned.

In case you are using images from the World Wide Web, you need to mention the link.

You can incorporate someone else’s idea, but not their writing. It strictly needs to be unique.

Always write your entries by yourself.

In case of lengthy submissions, include a summary of your project.

More points to remember:

  • Get the science behind your project right. Don’t make it look absurd and superficial.
  • Get creative, stun judges with your concept.
  • Be clear in your narrative and your presentation.
  • Try to make your project quantitative, and clearly illustrate and explain why you opted the choices you went for.


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