MTV Roadies Rising X5 2016-2017 Auditions Dates & Registration Details

MTV Roadies stands at the podium of most popular show among the youth that is all about tough task, tough judges, and tough competition. It could be a revelation for the participants to realize that where they stand at the physical, social, and personal level. In fact, as it is a real challenge to take and perform, every year youth for far-far India comes for the audition.

MTV Roadies X5 Rising Auditions

Be prepared for the MTV Roadies Rising 2016-2017

After its successful X4 season, the daredevil show is back. It is all set for its X5 season that is awaiting the auditions to start from the 27th of the November 2016. Its first audition will be held in Pune.

So, dear friends and buddies, if you have that daredevil attitude and zest of being a tough competitor, show off your skills here at the auditions.

Who knows if you are the Roadies Winner of X5 season!!!!

Be A Roadster With Road-Mania!!!


To become a MTV Roadies and give audition, the person must have age above 18+ years.

MTV Roadies Rising 2016 Audition Details

The audition will start on 27th of November 2016 and the first city will be Pune. Participants can visit the venue and fill the audition form. There is no online registration and hence, participants have to visit the venue and then fill up the form.

MTV Roadies X5 Rising

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition, City and Dates

  • City_1: Pune

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition Date: 27th November 2016

  • City_2: Delhi

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition Date: 4th December

  • City_3: Chandigarh

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition Date: 10th December

Details about the show (till X4 Season)

X4 season had four judges, Neha Dhupia, Rannvijay Singha, Karan Kundra and Sushil Kumar (later Prince replaced him). However, speculations are there that the judges will be changed. We can only wait the judge panel of X5.

You might like to know about MTV Roadies winner till X4

  1. Rannvijay Singh (2003)
  2. AyushmanKhurana (2004)
  3. ParulShahi (2005)
  4. Anthony Yeh (2006)
  5. Ashutosh Kaushik (2007)
  6. NaumanSait (2009)
  7. Answar Syed (2010)
  8. AanchalKhurrana (2011)
  9. VikashKhoker (2012)
  10. Palak Johal (2013)
  11. Nikhil Sachdeva (2014)
  12. Prince Narula (2015)

So, do not sit back and be an audience. Be a performer to be seen by the audience.

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