MTV Roadies 2017 Winners Name Lists of All Seasons 1 to X5

MTV Roadies Rising 2017 Winners Name List of All Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, x1, x2, x4, x5 with Photo

The real talent hunt of MTV Roadies has become one of the familiar reality show across India as well as in abroad. It has earned immense fame after every session and continuously increasing the numbers of fan in the country. It has completed 12 consecutive season and introducing the very next auditions in major cities of India. Here is the list of winners of MTV Roadies of all seasons.

MTV Roadies Season 1 (2003), Winner: Rannvijay Singh

Rannvijay Singh

The first champion personality of MTV Roadies season 1 is Rannvijay Singh who has become one of the familiar faces in the glamour world of Indian TV. After winning the first season, he has hosted several episodes along with Raghu and Rajiv.

MTV Roadies Season 2 (2004), Winner: Ayushman Khurana

Ayushman Khurana

The second season of MTV Roadies was broadcasted in the year of 2004 on 21st august. After lot of battle offered by the contestants, the trophy was lifted by Ayushman Khurana, the multi-talented personality of that show. Recently he is the famous Bollywood actor who already have done a familiar award winning films and several others.

MTV Roadies Season 3 (2005), Winner: Parul Shahi

 Parul Shahi

For the first time, the reality show named MTV Roadies have got its female champion.  This specific season has started with 13 numbers of contestants. The season 3 was aired in the year of 2005, on 11th November in which Parul Shahi won the title by defeating all other phenomenal contestants with her astonishing performance.

MTV Roadies Season 4 (2006), Winner: Anthony Yeh


MTV Roadies, season 4 was aired in the year of 2006 with 13 contestants as well. The competition was won by the contestant from Kolkata, named Anthony Yeh. He showed some terrific performances to set the fire on battle ground.

MTV Roadies Season 5 (2007), Winner: Ashutosh Kaushik


The season 5 of MTV roadies was telecasted on 22nd March in the year of 2007. It made history for the first time being able to shoot the story line outside of India. The contest was played between 13 contestants among which Ashutosh Kaushik became the winner of that season by defeating all other deserving candidates of champion.

MTV Roadies Season 6 (2009), Winner: Nauman Sait


This specific show of MTV Roadies, season Number 6 was held in the year of 2009. It was broadcasted on 8th November taking the most numbers of contestants till that period. The number of contestants for this year were 20 among which most talented guy Nauman Sait has uplifted the winning trophy.

MTV Roadies Season 7 (2010), Winner: Anwar Syed

Anwar Syed

The talent reality show, MTV Roadies season 7 was held in the year of 2010. It was captured in three different countries and they were Egypt, Kenya, and India. The show was aired for first time on 28th March. That specific season was won by emerging player Anwar Syed by beating all others one by one.

MTV Roadies Season 8 (2011), Winner: Aanchal Khurana

Aanchal Khurana

After all seven consecutive episodes, MTV Roadies continues the 8th season in the year of 2011. This is the season again in which the reality show has found its second women champion named as Aanchal Khurana. She belongs to Delhi and offered the most challenging contest to others.

MTV Roadies Season 9 (2012), Winner: Vikas Khoker

Vikas Khoker

Season 9 MTV ROadies was aired on TV on 7th January in the year of 2012. It was started with 13 contestants by taking auditions across the length and breadth of India. That particular show has won by Vikas Khoker by conquering all other participants.

MTV Roadies Season x (2013), Winner: Palak Johal


10th season of MTV Roadies was broadcasted in the year of 2013 and first telecasted on 19th January. This season was initiated with 16 contestants but at the end of enormous battle the trophy was uplifted by Palak Johal by defeating all deserving individuals.

MTV Roadies Season x1 (2014), Winner: Nikhil Sachdeva

Nikhil Sachdeva

The season 11, MTV Roadies was aired on 25th January, in the year of 2014. After all astounding performance by the contestants, the trophy was lifted by Nikhil Sachdeva who belong to Delhi. He became champion on May 18 by showing his class and Excellency to others.

MTV Roadies Season x2 (2015), Winner: Prince Narula


MTV Roadies X2 season 12th was held in the year of 2015. Prince Narula won the “Ultimate Roadie” title along with 5 lakh prize money and a Hero Karizma ZMR bike.

MTV Roadies Season x2 (2016), Winner: Balraj Singh

Balraj Singh

Jalandhar-based fitness trainer and model Balraj Singh Khekhra, He has won the MTV Roadies X4 season 2016. Balraj Singh is the first turbaned Sikh to win a Roadies title.

MTV Roadies Season 13 (2017), Winner: Who is Winner?

MTV Roadies Season Winner Name Years
MTV Roadies season 1 winner Rannvijay Singh 2003
MTV Roadies season 2 winner Ayushman Khurana 2004
MTV Roadies season 3 winner Parul Shahi 2005
MTV Roadies season 4 winner Anthony Yeh 2006
MTV Roadies season 5 winner Ashutosh Kaushik 2007
MTV Roadies season 6 winner Nauman Sait 2009
MTV Roadies season 7 winner Answar Syed 2010
MTV Roadies season 8 winner Aanchal Khurrana 2011
MTV Roadies season 9 winner Vikash Khoker 2012
MTV Roadies season X winner Palak Johal 2013
MTV Roadies season X1 winner Nikhil Sachdeva 2014
MTV Roadies season X2 winner Prince Narula 2015
MTV Roadies season X4 winner Balraj Singh 2016
MTV Roadies season X5 Rising winner Guess who? 2017

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