MTV HE Ticket Contest – Registration Details

Do you command the confidence to absorb an unseemly occupation? Do you have what it takes to endure and sustain extreme scenarios and face unplanned situations? Does traveling intrigue you? If the answer to those questions is yes, then the MTV’s new adventure show is for you. MTV He Ticket is a one-of-its kind travel adventure show which promises to take you on such an expedition.

MTV He Contest

How to partake in the adventure travel show?

Showcase you gripping and immersing side, record every interesting aspect of yours along with your details. The content of the video should essentially contain the answer to the question, ‘Why they should choose you to let you travel with your favorite VJ?’  Thereafter, upload the video to YouTube, and   share the link at the participate section of the website, MTV HeTicket, along with other necessary details that include: name, contact no, e-mail address and city. You will receive a confirmation mail from MTV once you have submitted your entry.

An alternate method of Participation

MTV He Ticket

Want to beat the bush and get a direct exposure from the judges to earn participation in the show? Click a selfie of yourself and upload it holding a can of HE deodorant. You need to enter the Barcode details of the deodorant too.

A total of 20 contestants will be selected by MTV India and bestowed with a chance of travelling the most intriguing destinations across India and perform demanding and formidable tasks for a huge reward. Once you have been shortlisted by MTV, make sure you gather as much votes as possible from your friends. This will increase your chances of getting selected amongst the final 20 contestants.

Register now and take the first step in journey of your craziest adventure. 🙂

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