McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Show with Rana Daggubatti on Gemini TV and Viu – Timings, Promo, Host, Casts

Gemini TV is launching a new celebrity talk show named “No.1 Yaari” with the intention of bringing the active friends for famous personalities from real life to reel life. The main objective of this show is to bring all the Tollywood actors and their realistic best friends who share more about their behind-the-door surprises.

McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Show

More than that, the fans will be handled in such a manner which you never-seen-before and the audiences will receive plenty of questions in order to know more about them. By having a renowned personality with Daggubati to perform chat with actors and hence making them to tell about “No.1 Yaari stories” which will be massively engaging time for the audience. No. 1 Yaari can also be viewed through Viu app exclusively


Brotherhood and friendship are considered to be the most astonishing bonds taking place in individual’s life which needs to be enjoyed in the fast pacing world. Through the first celebrity chart show, one can have the opportunity to raise their friendship than ever before. This show brings the friendship of celebrity before the media as it is the wonderful platform to celebrate the spirit of friendship and brotherhood.

It is sure that these stories will surely rekindle their yaaris and attain their long-lasting friends. Friendship is regarded to offer strong support all over the personal journey. Through actors are public figures, they used to have private side which they wish to keep beneath wraps. However, it will be fun to expose their wild sides and display how their friendships shape their distinctness in the show.


Rana Daggubati



Tollywood actors and their realistic best friends

Timing/Telecast details:

TV show: No.1 Yaari

Telecasting channel: Gemini TV and Viu

Telecasting time: 8.30 pm

Telecasting days: Every Sunday

Launch date: 25th June 2017

Directed by: Sanjeev Kumar

Co-produced by: Sprint Telefilms

Genre: Brotherhood and Friendship


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