MasterChef US Winners Name List of all Seasons – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

MasterChef US 2016 — Winners list of all Seasons – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Master Chef US is a cooking reality show which is inspired by the very original Australian TV show format Master Chef Australia. It is originally created by Franc Roddam. Master Chef US is one of the top popular television show in the United States. This show gives a great platform to showcase the cooking skills of novice chefs all over the United States and compete with each other in the show. The winner of the show wins the title of the ‘Master Chef’. The winner is decided through several levels of competition that test not only their cooking talent but also their accuracy, speed smartness and dedication towards cooking, etc. The participants are judged by celebrity chefs like Christina Tosi, Graham Elliot, Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich.


The show contestants of Master Chef US are selected via auditions throughout United States. Every episode brings new challenge to the participants. They have to please the judges and grab their votes to proceed to the next stage and avoid elimination. The 1st episode of Season – 1 of Master Chef US was aired on 27th June, 2010. A total of six seasons of Master Chef US has been completed and aired so far. At present the Season 7 of Master Chef US is going on. Below are the list of the winners who were given the title of Master Chef US in the past six seasons:

Whitney Miller

Whitney Miller – Season 1 MasterChef US Winner

Season 1 – The very first season of the Master Chef US was started from 27th July 2010, about a year after the very popular Australian show Master Chef Australia. There were a total of 14 participants in the Season 1. The winner of the first season was Whitney Miller. She was crowned as the 1st Master Chef US on 15th September, 2010. David Miller was the runners up of the show.

 Jennifer Behm

Jennifer Behm – Season 2 MasterChef US Winner

Season 2 – The 2nd season of Master Chef US started airing on 6th June, 2011 with a total of 18 participants, four more than the previous season. Jennifer Behm was voted as the winner of the Master Chef US Season 2. The grand finale was aired on 16th August, 2011. Adrien Neito was the runners up.

 Christine Ha

Christine Ha – Season 3 MasterChef US Winner

Season 3 – On 4th June, 2012, the Season 3 of Master Chef US started airing on television. The winning chef of the 3rd season was Christine Ha. She defeated Josh Marks in the grand finale to win the Master Chef title. The grand finale of the Master Chef US Season 3 was held on 10th Sep, 2012.

Luca Manfe

Luca Manfe – Season 4 MasterChef US Winner

Season 4 – Luca Manfe was crowned as the winner of Master Chef, Season 4. This season was aired from 22nd May, 2013 till its grand finale on 11th Sep, 2013. The runner up participant of the 3rd season of Master Chef US was Natasha Crnjac. A total number of 19 participants battled for the Master Chef title in that season.

Courtney Lapresi

Courtney Lapresi – Season 5 MasterChef US Winner

Season 5 – The Season 5 of Master Chef US was won by Courtney Lapresi. A total number of 22 contestants became the part of the show and competed against each other in the cookery battle. Elizabeth Cauvel was the runners up. The Master Chef US Season 5 started on 26th May 2014 and the grand finale was held on 15th September, 2014.

Claudia Sandoval

           Claudia Sandoval – Season 6 MasterChef Winner

Season 6 – The 6th season of Master Chef US got aired on 20th May, 2015 and the winner was decided in its grand finale held on 16th September, 2015. This Season 6 of Master Chef US was won by Claudia Sandoval and the runner up was Derrick Peltz. This year also 22 contestants had participated in the show.

Season 7 – After six successful seasons of Master Chef US got completed, the next season has already started. At present the Season 7 of Master Chef US is being aired on television from 1st June, 2016. A total number of 20 participants are in the show to win the prestigious title of Master Chef US. Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi are the regular judges, this season too. Apart from this, guest judges like Edward Lee and Wolfgang Puck have appeared. Among the remaining participants, the there is a tough cookery battle going on. Terry Mueller has registered 3 wins in total who is leading the pack, followed by Tenorria Askew with two wins. So, let’s see who will win the title of MasterChef US Season 7 Winner?

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