MasterChef Junior US – Winners List of all Seasons

MasterChef Junior US – Winners List of all Seasons – 1,2,3,4 

MasterChef Junior is an American competitive cooking reality show that airs on Fox. The show is set out on the U.K.’s series Junior MasterChef, and since it premiered in 2013, it has been continually renewed for further seasons. The window of participation is opened for those who fall within the age range of eight to thirteen.

MasterChef Junior US Winner

The panel of judges comprises three eminent professionals and is presided over by the legendary Gordon Ramsay, along with Graham Elliot. And since season 4, Christina Tosi has replaced Joe Bastianich, who judged the previous three seasons. It is one of the most beloved kid’s talent show on American television and has been enjoying consistent excellent ratings.

Let’s proceed further and take a look at the winners of this show.

Season 1 – Alexander Weiss

Alexander Weiss

The first preface of the show was won by a 13 year old, Alexander Weiss from New York, who played out Dara Yu with his superior culinary skills. He cooked perfect pistachio macarons in the very first episode, and became a front-runner on the show.  He started cooking since he was a little kid with guidance’s from his parents.  As of today, he is regarded as a semi-professional cook, does guest-cooking throughout the country and shoots tutorial akin to cooking.

Season 2- Logan Guleff

Logan Guleff

The second edition premiered on November, 2014 and the winner was the wonder-boy from Memphis, Tennessee, Logan Guleff. He started cooking at two, and the dish which made him victorious was an appetizer of saffron spot prawns with olive remoulade and smoked aioli and a desert of Meyer Lemon Madeleine with goat cheese mousse and berry compote. He has won several cookery competitions including the one which let him meet President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama at the Epicurious Kid’s State Dinner healthy lunch challenge.  In 2015, at the age of 12, he was the youngest certified judge at the World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest evaluating entries in exotic, whole dog, and ribs.

Season 3 – Nathan Odom

Nathan Odom

Nathan Odom had his culinary skills sharpened and honed, at a scratch program, at McKinley Elementary School as a six year old. On 24th January 2015, the d-day of the third season, he prepared a three-course meal in 90 minutes and was coveted as the winner. He likes to cook French and Japanese dishes, but adores making pastries in particular. He aspires to open his own restaurant someday.

Season 4 – Addison Smith

Addison Smith

The youngest winner of all seasons from Forest River, Addison Smith says she has been cooking for as long as she can remember. She regards cooking as liberating and her mom, who is an Italian taught her a number of recipes that did a lot of groundwork on part of her success.Her winning three-course meal included a shrimp appetizer with seaweed and sea bean salad, a miso black cod entrée with shiitake mushrooms in coconut-ginger broth and a green tea panna cota with bruleed plums as dessert.

MasterChef US Junior Season 5 Winner

Come November, 2016, the hit junior version of the culinary contest has been renewed for an all- new season. If you think you have got it in you, what is takes to be on the show, visit here or go on the FOX network website and apply.

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