Little Bird Movie SAAMNA and JOSH-E-JAWANI – Registration & Auditions

Little Bird is widely known as the movie production team which is going to launch a romantic plus thriller movie in November 2016 named as “SAAMNA”. This film is directed by Mr. Shamshad Ali and is now looking towards fresh talents who are going to be the pillar of Indian Film Industry’s future.

If you consider the Indian film industry, you will find that it is one of the largest film industries of this globe and maximum of the film production houses had produced more than hundreds of films.

Instead of running after the big faces of the industry, this production house is decided to give an adorable chance to the aspiring talents under this project. Melt the butter by grabbing this opportunity as it can become the biggest chance of your career.

Little Bird Movie SAAMNA and JOSH-E-JAWANI

Adding to the previous, the same production house is all set to air their TV serial JOSH-E-JAWANI and the same requirement is applied in this project as well.

The roles in SAAMNA for which the audition is taking place are as follows:

  1. The Leading actor and actress.
  2. Role of supporting Actors.
  3. Playback singers.
  4. Male and female dancers.

The roles in JOSH-E-JAWANI for which the audition is taking place are as follows:

  1. 5 dynamic actors for main characters (male).
  2. 5 suitable actresses for lead role (Female).
  3. Male and female dancers.

This is a kind of TB serial for youngsters of the society with a new and interesting narration of college life.

The audition will be organized in few steps. The initial screening will be done via online in order to make the process smooth and time saving. It will be convenient for both the production house and the participants.

You should create a basic portfolio of your talent including all important information about yourself. Input it in the primary screening session by registering. Once you get passed the primary or first round, you will be informed regarding second round by whatsapp, mail or SMS.

For the security purpose, you need to verify the online and offline audition venue via email or calls. In order to remain update, keep in touch with the main website.


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