List of Documents & Eligibility Criteria – Dance India Dance Season 5 2016

Dance India Dance is one of the most popular and successful dancing shows on Indian Television. It has gained an immense popularity among the youth who dream to be a successful dancer. Millions dream to hit the dance floor of Dance India Dance while only some can. There are a list of documents and also a number of eligibility criteria for entering the show.


Open auditions are held at major metropolitan cities for the purpose of selecting contestants. The participants go through two rounds of auditions before being selected. Strict norms and regulations are paid heed to while conducting the auditions. Season 5 of Dance India Dance 2016 is soon to be aired. For those of you who wish to audition, here is a list of such documents and eligibility criteria that one should pay heed to.

1. Age group above 16 years

The participants should not be of age group below 16 years. Any participant below 16 years shall not be allowed for auditioning. This is a guideline which is stated by the channel and thus should be followed very dedicatedly. There is another season for individuals below 16 years of age which is known as DID Little Masters. Hence, they do not fall in the category for participating in the fifth season of the show to be aired this year.

2. Age Group below 30 years

Not only do they need to be above 16 years but also below 30 years. None of the participants should be above the age of 30. This guideline is a very important one as it sets the most important criteria for entering the show. Any participant above 30 years would not be taken into consideration during auditions. This is one of the most essential eligibility criteria of the show and should be maintained strictly.

3. All types of performances

The participants should be able to perform solo performances, couple dance and also group act. It is mandatory for all participants to be able to perform not only solo dances, but also couple dance. A couple dance forms bring along the need to share the level of comfort with another person. Not only comfort, but he/she needs to synchronize the dance steps with the significant other. Hence the participant should comprise of these abilities. Along with couple dance, the participant should also be able to perform group dance. This needs a lot of synchronization when it comes to matching steps and timings with the other dancers of the group. Thus, a participant auditioning for Dance India dance Season 5 should have all of these abilities.

4. Dance forms

The participant can perform any dance form and thus is not subjected to any particular form. The participant might be an expert in the field of jazz, classical, hip hop or any other form. Thus there is no barrier in the form of dance. On being selected, the performer might need to practice and learn other styles of dancing. They are provided dance training by professional choreographers. But the eligibility criterion does not rest on any one single particular dance form.

5. Voter ID card

The participant should carry valid documents for proving their age and nationality. Voter ID card is one of them. It acts as a proof of the age of the participant and also his/her particular nationality. Therefore it is a very essential document for carrying while going for Dance India Dance Season 5 auditions.

6. Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate is another document that can be carried during the time of the auditions. It states the age of the participant and thus is a proof. It is an essential document that should be carried while auditioning.

7. Ration Card/Aadhaar card and 2 Passport size photographs

These are other types of documents that should be carried while going for auditions. These documents serve as proof against the nationality of the participant. Hence it should be produced at the time of the audition. Along with this, two copies of passport size photographs should also be carried along.

8. Costumes, props and CD

All of the necessary costumes, props and the CD needed for performance should be carried while going for auditions. None of these are to be made available by the channel. The musical player is to be provided by the channel and hence no need to be carried.  Hence, all of these can be carried by the participants while auditioning.

The above mentioned points are the necessary eligibility criteria and list of documents that a participant should follow. The fifth season of Dance India Dance is going to be bigger than ever before and it needs the best contestants for selection. Now that you are aware of all the necessary details while auditioning, you can go ahead and apply for it.

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