List of Documents & Eligibility Criteria – Bigg Boss Season 10 2016

The intrigue of being inside the Big Boss house has left a many dazzling and fascinated. Even the slightest imagination of it, is enough to steer a lot of anticipation. The fame a commoner can accumulate is incredible, provided he plays his cards right.  The talk and hype about Bigg Boss amongst the masses is more than ever. This is due to the fact that the gates of the house of Bigg Boss have been opened for common people this upcoming season.

People have been offered an opportunity irrespective of their socioeconomic background, which will result in a pretty interesting mix of people inside the house. This is the season where the news makers get to hear the opinions of the common people about their actions, face-to-face. The interested people must have already begun their preparations with all the enthusiasm that they can muster. The journey to be a participant on the show is going to be a competitive one. Preparations can boost the chances of any person a great deal.


The road to Bigg Boss is hefty and full of hassles. Time is limited. Being on the wrong side of the clock is going to cost your aspirations. Awareness is crucial. One needs to be oneself as well as stand out from everyone. Getting every little thing correct will push you forward every time on the road towards the house of Bigg Boss.

Before you proceed with applying online, you need to satisfy and meet the preconditions set by the show runners. Also check here How to Become a Bigg Boss 10 Participant?

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. One must not miss out on any details of knowledge which is going to ensure and solidify one’s participation even further. So, it is wise to speculate every detail. There are certain criteria essential to be met with. Additionally,  you need to know the answer of the question. What are the documents required to enroll in the house of Bigg Boss? This blog is intended at making yourself aware of such queries. Know the essentials and don’t let the glass of your dreams shatter due to a petty reason that is heedlessness .

List of the Criteria You Should Essentially Fulfil

  1. The foremost prerequisite to be a participant on the show is to be of more than 18 years of age before 23rd January 2016.
  2. Only Indian nationals residing in the country itself can be a part of the show. The same luxury hasn’t been offered for non-resident Indians. They might have to wait probably, for a couple of more seasons until they can.
  3. Verification of legal documents will be carried out for each participant. Thus, participants should be in possession of any or all of the valid and enduring legal documents to prove their age.
  4. More necessary documents also need to be provided to prove one’s name, address, citizenship and nationality.

Below is a list of documents required to become a participant on the 10th Season of Bigg Boss

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Driving License
  3. Ration Card
  4. Passport
  5. Mobile Bill
  6. Permanent Account Number (“PAN”)
  7. Voter’s Identity Card
  8. School Leaving Certificate
  9. Birth Certificate

Moreover, participants need to be consenting about submitting their valid identity proofs/legal documents or any document of similar kind as required by the show runners. This too is a not to miss detail which one must entail to their minds.

Those who might not fall under this basket of eligibilities, need not lose their hearts. A smaller change calls for a wider change. And who knows, someday, only commoners will find themselves inside the house.


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