Kanulu Moosina Neevaye on Star Maa – Start Casts, Storyline, Start Date, Timings & Promo Details

Star Maa is planning to launch a new TV serial named as Kanulu Moosina Neevaye. The show’s announcement is made by the channel itself on their social media platforms. Kanulu Moosina Neevaye is one of the upcoming shows on Star Maa which will soon hit your TV screens in the coming few days.

Kanulu Moosina Neevaye on Star Maa


As per the sources, the show will narrate a story of a young woman who is obliged to be a daughter-in-law of an elderly couple who lost their real daughter-in-law and assume this lady as their daughter-in-law. Now the odds she face in the family is the main plot of the story. Let’s see how this new fiction series will entertain us in the coming next days.

Star Casts

  • Shankarabharanam Rajyalakshmi
  • Subhalekha Sudhakar


Star Maa Kanulu Moosina Neevaye serial promo is released a few days back and you can watch the same on official social media platforms.

Telecasting/Timings Details

  • Show/Serial Name: Kanulu Moosina Neevaye
  • Telecasting Channel: Star Maa
  • Start Date: 25th Feb 2019
  • Telecasting Days: Monday to Friday
  • Telecasting Time: 2:30 PM
  • Genre: Fiction series
  • Repeat Telecast Timing  Coming Soon

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