K-Startup Grand Challenge 2017 For Indian Start-Ups – Participation Details

NIPA launches a new project named “K Startup Grand Challenge”, which is conducted and sponsored by the Government of Republic of Korea. This global startup event provides technology based startups, which have a product service or prototype catering to several industries, an opportunity to get into Korean Market and later expand its achievements to global customers.

K-Startup Grand Challenge 2017

Amazing benefits guaranteed

The “K-starup Grand Challenge” 2016 offered the winners a number of benefits including free office space, grants and entry into acceleration programs and many more. As an outcome of the event, 13 local corporations as well as branches were established. More than that, 33 deals were found to be signed with both regional and overseas companies together with 125 MoU/Partnership activities.

The main focus this year

In this year, top ranked 50 teams would be invited to take part in a 4 month accelerating program in the latest Pangyo Techno valley, which is situated south of Seoul. Extra financial incentives will be offered by the Korean Government to top 25 startups when they want to set up a business entity in the Republic of Korea.

This year, the main focus of K-startup Grand challenge is to exchange ideas and promote collaboration among India and Korea. A plenty of exciting opportunities are waiting for the participants who will receive a chance to expose their entrepreneurial spirit.

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