Jodi No. 1 (2017) Winners List of All Seasons – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

“Everything Is Fair In Love And War!!”

Reality Shows are completely new league of ideas that have really immersed well in Indian culture. The main idea is to watch real life or reel life celebrity couples compete against each other either in dance or acting or something else. Jodi No.1 is one such reality show with dance as the main essence.

vijay Tv Jodi No. 1 winners

It started in 2006 and has broadcasted 8 successful seasons till date on Indian Star Vijay Channel. This show had 64 episodes in all 8 seasons in total. However, from season to season they had some good makeovers to the show with new judging panel and set of anchors. The crew has given their best to keep the show TRP high and seriously they have brought the show a great fan following. Winners have been awarded a huge cash prize of 10 lakhs or more.

Additional to the cash, their fame and name have reached new heights.

Every couple to win has made a huge success in TV industry and I am sure this would continue for years to come.

Let us have a look at the list of the winners of all 8 seasons:

Jodi No. 1 Season 1 Winner

The first season was aired in 2006 and it was hosted by Divyadarshini and Aravind Akash. Reel life couple Prem and Pooja won the prize. They had won 10 lakhs cash prize as the victory. The judging panel had Prashanth, Ramya Krishnan and Kala.

Jodi No. 1 Season 2 Winner

Reel life couple Tinku and Preethi won the prize of the season 2 which was judged by the judging sensations like Silambarasan, Sangeetha and Sundaram. They had won 10 lakhs cash prize as victory and the season was hosted by Divyadarshini and Deepak Dinkar.

Jodi No. 1 Season 3 Winner

Reel life couple KiranandPriyawon the prize. They had won 10 lakhs cash prize as victory. Silambarasan, Sangeetha and Sundaram were as the judges who stole the lime light of the session. The hosts of the season wereDivyadarshini and Deepak Dinkar.

Jodi No. 1 Season 4 Winner

Micheal Thangadurai and Hemalata were the lucky ones to win the title of the fourth season and cash prize in season 4. However, the judging panel changed to Jeeva, Aishwarya Dhanush and Sangeetha but the hosts remained the same, Divyadarshini and Deepak Dinkar.

Jodi No. 1 Season 5 Winner

This season was the season of a good makeover to the show. The main idea of competing couples was changed to Jodis of the same gender including the kids too. The trophy was won by Manoj and Jayanth. The judging panel also kept changing with varied judges throughout the season. The show had a change in anchors as well; there was a trio to host: Sivakarthikeyan, Bhavna and Deepak Dinkar.

Jodi No. 1 Season 6 Winner

Season 6 again was revolutionized to have couples competing with each other. This time in couples, there was a contestant and a choreographer. This made dancing to reach new heights. The winner who made it till the end was Rafiq and Gabriella.This season had seven judges to mentor the participants. Also, host was cut down to the single one: Divyadarshini.

Jodi No. 1 Season 7 Winner

Again just like SEASON 6, there was single host: the beautiful and ravishing Divyadarshini. She had a great hold to the show concept and made the series really entertaining. The trophy winners of this show were Amudhavanan and Anandhi. They were exceptionally good and had made everyone become their fans. This season, there were five mentors in the judging panel. The social media fans and communities grew up to a great extent after the season 7 took place.

Jodi No. 1 Season 8 Winner

This season was again sensational. There were sizzling models and dancers who participated and competed really well with each other. Every performance was worth watching and had some originality as compared to other. The winning duo of the show was the handsome Rehman and cute Sofia. Season 8 was hosted by the duo Erode Mahesh and Ramya. They also did really well being the hosts for the first time. The three judges who took the season till the finale were Sangeetha, Ramba and Kalyanji.

This was the list of all the season winners of Jodi no 1 reality show. The audience demand has grown up since 8 seasons and they wish to have more and more entertainment spices.

Whenever the new season is launched, we will surely update you with the new winner “Jodi”.


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