Indian Fashion Collection Show 2017 – Registration Details

India would witness to one of the unique fashion till date in the year 2017. This is one of those fashion shows which would be organised to provide a platform to the best new talents from different institutions so that they can bring forth their creation to the limelight. This would encourage youngest designers to capture fashion lovers minds with great ease and help them placing in the market.

Who can participate in Indian Fashion Collection Show 2017?

The participants are young and belong to fashion schools and colleges of India. This upcoming show gives the best stage to these young beginners to approach the fashion industry in a right manner. This is the first one of the kind and has already created a buzz in the whole of the country.

Indian fashion collection Show 2017 is the latest fashion show in India invigorated by the colourful creation of the youth. In the calendar of Indian fashion, this is already considered to be one of the best fashions held in the nation. This exceptional fashion show would be held at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi in the year 2017.

Indian Fashion Collection Show 2017

Why participate in the fashion show?

This fashion show is different from the others because it would be celebrating the talent, aspirations, models, hard work, designers and makeup artists along with photographers and much more. Altogether, this would be one of the best seen in the nation till date as it celebrates the creativity of the young aspirants. This concept is brought forward by the fashion fraternity of the nation along with the collaboration of the Delhi fashion fraternities.

This would also act as a promotional activity for the sponsors. Network and establishing a connection between the different professionals of the fashion industry would be the prime aim of the show. Consumers would come in contact along with the fashion journalists, fashion trendsetters and retail buyers and much more. This would help to make an exclusive connection between them all.

Best for the sponsors:

Indian Fashion Collection Show

The sponsors would come in contact with some of the best talents of the land that have the potential to gift the nation with some distinct creations. The show would be held for 2 consecutive days with gorgeous fashion shows. If you have the desire to join us and be a part of the epic show, you can register yourself easily with our registration form.

According to your choice, you can select your niche genre and apply for the participation. There are separate application forms for fashion designers, volunteers, jewelery designers, sponsors and photographers. This show is organised by Fashion Runway which aims at promoting all those personnel’s related to the fashion industry through their unique shows and ramp walks.

Registration details for Indian Fashion Collection 2017

You have to download the registration form for the genre you choose and then fill it up with the required details. After filling it up, you need to upload it on the website along with some necessary information. Submission of the proper college or company name is very much desired for the proper registration for the candidate. Providing proper email address and mobile number is also required for proper registration.

For any query or to get instant answers, you can WhatsApp them at +91-7291900192.

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