Indian Art Fest 2016 – Online Registration Details

Indian Art Festival is a 100 days fiesta, on the course to explore the creativity, individuality and uniqueness in you. Brain child of a few of geeks and nerds, it is going to be an exorbitant gala to be celebrated in the most unorthodox manner.

Location of the Festival: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Organizer: Virtual Voyage College

indian art fest

Be it any form of art, let it come out, for the event is going to be a gathering of artistic thinkers and creative people. This might turn out to be a life changing experience for you. Whatever art form you have been bestowed upon with, Indian Art Festival is waiting to glorify, celebrate and cherish it.

Amateurs, novices and beginners, here is your chance to prove your worth by showcasing your mettle. And this is a 100 days of crusade, with 1000 artists and 10,00,000 INR of prize money.

To register yourself for the event, visit here.

You can showcase your brilliance in any of the following ten art forms.

  • Fashion
  • Interior
  • Performing Arts
  • Media
  • Multimedia
  • Fine Arts
  • Film Making
  • Event and Allied Arts
  • Digital Media
  • Off-Beat Art

At the festival, you can participate as a participant, sponsor or a volunteer.

indian art fest 2016

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Discover the artist inside of you, and give it a chance to flourish and nourish.

Bear in mind the following important points regarding this festival:

  • You can participate in multiple competitions.
  • For each category the minimum number of participants should be 5, else your candidature in the activity will be cancelled.
  • The entries will be on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis on the day registrations.
  • You are supposed to be present an hour and a half before the competition in the activity room.
  • Prizes and Certificates shall be awarded on the very day of the event/competition.


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