India Banega Manch 2017 Winner – Starting Date and Time & How to Apply

India Banega Manch Season 1 2017 Winner Name & Prize

Colors TV is bringing a brand new talent hunt reality show named ‘India Banega Manch’ where there is only ‘Hunar Hi Hunar‘. And yes, that’s their tagline. It is based on the original format of ‘Win the Crowd’. Viacom 18 has obtained the license from ‘Dori Media International DmbH’, who hold the original rights to the show. About the show, it is nothing like anything you have seen before.

India Banega Manch 2017 how to apply

It is like crazy different in this format. To give you a hint, the show will have no stage. Now that’s peculiar, isn’t it. Here, the street will be your stage. Moreover, there will be no judges, no public voting and  no hosts. I hope I haven’t spooked you with these details. Now, let’s dive in to more details of the show.

How to Apply?

The online auditions are underway and will conclude on 30th April. Thereafter, the show is expected to off air around June-July. The exact air timings hasn’t been announced as of yet. And too, as I mentioned, there will be no judges, no votes and no stage on this show. However, there will be two hosts who will be in the mobile control near room near the street, the names of whose has been not been decided on yet. To apply and become a participant on the show, visit here.

Format and Starting Time & Date

As I have already mentioned, there won’t be any stage. The street will be your stage. All you have to do is win the crowd. There will be a mobile T.V. control room with two hosts next to a busy street corner. And the entire corer will be covered by hidden cameras. There will also be a lot of fun interactions and gags with the anchors in the show.

Moving on, 4 cities have been selected for the show, where the street will become ‘Manch’. They are Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Bhopal. There will be 4 episodes in each city. Once a performer begins his performance on the street, there will be a stipulated time limit, and within that very time limit, the performer will have to attract as many viewers as possible. For every person that stops to watch they will earn 1 point per person. It all really depends on the worthiness and adroitness of your talent.

After each performance, the performer will be called to the mobile control room by the hosts to view their scores. If their score is higher than the previous performer they stay in their chair, and if not, they will have to give up their seat. The one who scores maximum will be the winner of that episode. And going that way, there will be 16 winners. And eventually, those 16 will go into the studio based episode, where they will compete with each other for the ultimate winner of the show.

Stay tuned with us for more details of the show.

India Banega Manch 2017 Winner – Amit Rajput and Sakshi Kurtarkare

India Banega Manch Winner Name: Amit Rajput and Sakshi Kurtarkare Winner the reality show; take home prize money of Rs 11 lakh – Colors’ reality show India Banega Manch has finally found its winners in professional Salsa dancers Amit Rajput and Sakshi Kurtakar.


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