Iconic Kids Fashion Event – Online Registration & Details

IKFS (India Kids Fashion Show) brings a wide chance for the aspiring kids who are extremely talented with their artistic view. It offers an appealing platform like Iconic Kids Fashion Event in which your kids can take part to showcase their natural talent in order to be a slice of the glamorous fashion world. It will definitely provide your child an exposure to the extremely beautiful fashion world and enticing lifestyle that can help such cream child to assimilate the sense of etiquette, dressing and confidence. Give your kid the knowledge of celebrity ambiance and procure IKFS services.

The keen amenity of Iconic Kids Fashion Event delivers the widest platform for children in India to exhibit his or her talent by broadcasting on the National Television. The certificate that is provided by the respective authority is valid internationally. Moreover, this participation document from IKFS can help your child to enhance his or her extracurricular activities.  Furthermore, in order to bring out the juicy cream from your kid, this particular organization provides the most innovative and familiar choreographer individually against a single performer.


They are intending to groom your child with uttermost care and politeness. Apart from this, customized workshop will be organized by IKFS for your kid, to comb up your children perfectly and most accurately for modeling personality. In this regard, the top-ranked mentor will be employed. This can be considered as the widest platform for your children as the whole project will cover by the widespread newspaper, media channel, and daily magazines. In addition, it can also be featured in digital media along with social media.

Social media promotion hike can build an individual personality of your kid, which in turn can be reflected through a definite facebook page or else website including all personalized data and post against a particular contestant. It is not only a simple platform, but also can bring your child into the limelight of fashion arena.  This sumptuous Kids fashion show will deliver your child a recognized platform. Well-known designers and brands will back up relevant performances of the contestants. The features of this also include exclusive broadcasting of kid’s strenuous performance and skill over Indiankidsmodels’ portal.


IKFS (India Kids Fashion Show): Online Registration 

For getting registered online in Iconic Kids Fashion Event, you need to fill up some basic information about you. The registration process of this show is limited to three cities such as Goa, Bangalore, and Jaipur. You have to add the name of the participant, parents name and information, age and gender. More importantly, to complete the registration process, you need to provide your contact email and phone number and the permanent address of the contestants.

Fill the form here: ikfs.org/talent-registration

Ideally saying, this platform has the enormous connection with brand decision makers, casting agencies, production houses, fashion houses, and top notch peoples across the whole nation. The benefits and facilities that can be absorbed by your kid from this platform can explore more hidden quality about your child in this fantasy world. Send your children and are registered to take participation in this idiosyncratic competition in order to discover the path of the career in this glamorous world.

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