How to Become a Bigg Boss 10 Participant?

After a successful tenure of nine seasons, Bigg Boss has geared up to incorporate a major alteration to the show’s current establishments. For almost a decade, you have seen celebrities contesting to nab the Big Boss trophy and prize money. Well, things have taken an interesting turn this year.

Irrespective of your socioeconomic background, Colors channel is giving away the opportunity to the common people to contest and participate in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss. With this inclusion of the general populace in the show, a whole new set of dimensions will be added and explored on the show.  Sounds amazing, right? Let’s dive in  further with the details that will help you on this course of journey of becoming a participant on “Bigg Boss 10” 2016.


Opportunities of this proportion seldom come across in our day to day lives. The general perception of celebrities being only on television reality shows has been hammered. The window of our dreams and aspirations has been expanded with this decision of the show runners to accommodate the representation of the general populace with their own kind.

The CEO of Colors Channel, Raj Nayak made the announcement, unveiling the details regarding as to how commoners can participate in a contest and eventually become a  part of “Bigg Boss 10” as contestants. “As we take on this interesting content innovation, we look forward to receiving some interesting entries from our increasing viewer base.

We will be scouting for some great contestants in the months to come. You could be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher, preacher, banker, entrepreneur, homemaker, taxi-driver, coolie, from any domain, any socioeconomic background, have any caliber, if you think you are an entertainer, then this is the break you have been looking for,” quoted Raj Nayak.

The blend of celebrities competing with commoners is going to be something that the viewers of any television reality show have not witnessed before. The Colors Channel is also planning an enormous promotional campaign for the awareness of the same purpose.

With the plethora of situations and scenarios that arises in the house of Bigg Boss, and while watching it, if you ever had the anticipation that you could have tackled the situation more efficiently, here is your chance to go and prove your mettle. The presence of common people in the show will help with an even wider reach out amongst the masses.  The opinions of the general people can have a voice with the newly adopted format of the show. Moreover, what is noteworthy,the contrast which the audiences would be able to observe between the celebrities and the commoners.

How can you be a contestant at Bigg Boss?

  1. The riveted participants can upload a three minute video on In the video, interested participants should make a sagacious display of their unique quirks and traits.
  2. The submission of videos is ongoing and the deadline is 31st May. So buckle up, fast.
  3. Thereafter, from the candidature, people will be shortlisted and eventually called in for auditions.
  4. The result of the auditions will ultimately have the final call as to which people are prepared to prove their worth inside the house.


In the meantime, the selection of celebrities to appear in the house for the 10th season will run in parallel.

Time is limited and the interested participants should stop beating around the bushes right away. Your entertaining skills need to be reflected essentially, in that three minute video. The uniqueness of your persona are  also going to be a crucial and deciding factor. So sit back, evaluate and analyze the content of the video on which you will be judged and shortlisted.

Why and Who should be on Bigg Boss?

The right talent is usually held back owing to the lack of opportunities available to showcase one’s abilities. Most of the people who might have a knack for the entertainment industry, never make it to the front stage. Amidst such predicaments, the plan with which Bigg Boss has come up with, is going to shake  and ignite the buried passions of many.

People have been watching the show for over years, and they can righteously analyze as to whether they can adapt themselves to the environment of the house or not. Provided the wheat is properly separated from the chaff, strong contenders will be rooted in for the show, much to favor of the show  due to the increased competence. If you believe that you are the right one for the show, put in the best of your efforts and grab a spot in the house.

The charm associated with the fact that you can have a chat with Salman Khan, will suffice for many to jump in the pool with the people carrying similar aspirations in their hearts. Not to mention, the fame you will receive while being on the show can change the trajectory of your life in ways you will never imagine.



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