Got Talent? Sign-up at MTV Nescafe Labs

Are you the ultimate music, film, or any other sort of enthusiast?

MTV in a three-year deal with Nescafe have allied together to create a digital-only property called ‘MTV presents Nescafe Labs’. It is giving you the opportunity to record your skills and share it with them. Whether you are a blues singer or a guitarist, a bass player or a film-maker, this contest is for everyone.

MTV Nescafe Labs

Details of the Competition

The window of competition is open till 15th February, 2017. The entire contest period shall be organized on monthly basis. The contest shall begin start of each month and conclude at the first fortnight. From a total of three categories i.e. music, film and others, five entries will be shortlisted in each category, and awarded accordingly, category-wise. Eventually, only one winner shall become Grand winner who will also receive the grand prize. Moreover, every month, the winners will get to feature on the Wall of Fame section of the site and shall receive a certificate from the organizer at the sole discretion of it.

Rules for Participation

Anyone who is a resident and citizen of India, and is above 18 years of age is eligible to participate in the contest. Log on to MTVNescafeLabs , and register yourself for the contest in a category of your choice. You can also enroll in more than one category.

The categories are: music, film, and other. The ‘other’ category can entail anything, from photography to painting, from graphic artist to web jockey, from modeling to fashion designing, or from skateboarding to stand-up comedian, anything can be picked.

The entries can be submitted in a variety of forms: videos, YouTube links, sound files, sound cloud links, images, depending on the category, along with other necessary basic details of the online form.  Needless to say, the submitted entries must be original and unpublished. For a particular entry, you can’t submit more than one. So hurry up guys!

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