Frequently Asked Questions about Dance India Dance 5 (2016)

Dance India Dance is the most popular dance reality of India and later version of Bangla dance reality show named Dance Bangla Dance. The center face of this show was Indian Bollywood superstar Mithun Chakraborty. He founded the show and later converted it to the national format. He is treated as “Grand Master” in this reality show. The first exhibition of this particular dance reality show was broadcasted on TV on 30th January in the year of 2009. Dance India Dance was aired on the premier Indian entertainment channel Zee TV, under the production of UTV Software Communication.

Various queries have been asked through the internet on or before the starting of this dancing reality show Dance India Dance. Some of those very common questions and answers are described below to let you know about the FAQs about Dance India Dance season 5 (2016).

Before Starting The Show:

Who will be the judges?

As DID have touched the height of all expectations during the previous seasons and has become one of the popular programs of TV channel, it raises many questions among the audience. They have tried to solve their query by asking their curiosity into the search engine box. Like always, a high tendency of knowing the name of judges has been monitored through the overall searches. So many questions regarding this particular enquiry have been asked by the audience and contestants using a general search engine. Nevertheless, for your kind information, the judges of the Dance India Dance season 5 are Gaiti Siddiqui, Punit J Pathak, Mudassar Khan, different from the previous season. Furthermore, Mithun Chakraborty, the famous Bollywood actor will have occupied the chair of Grand Master like all other seasons he did.

Audition dates and places:

Another most frequently asked question about the Dance India Dance Season 5 is the audition dates and Venues. The format of this reality show comprises the selection process or auditions arranging it in various cities and states across the country. The show tries to bring the raw dancing talents of the country in front of the audience. Different places have been scheduled with different dates. This is why various queries regarding audition session have been asked as no official information is declared. The curiosity is continuously climbing the height.

Either online audition is available or not?

Either the dance video of performers will be granted online for audition purpose or not is a big question of the contestants. The show is the biggest dance talent hunt process across the country. In the age of the internet, every single artist has aroused a common question like this.

What should be the selection process?

One of the most frequently asked questions about DID season 5 is the selection process. Everyone must want to know the process of the audition, selection criteria, eligibility, and age limit. What should be the necessary documents and how many participants will be selected for the final round of this reality show? These are all the questions that have been queried frequently via the internet.

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Who will be the host?

Host or anchor is another interesting factor of the reality show. So many audiences and contestants are about to know the answer to such question that who is going to be the host of next DID season. Every time it has seen that before the start of any season a very common and frequently asked question is about the anchor because it set the entertainment level of any show. Apart from this reason, the question has become familiar because every other season faces different anchors.

During The Show:

What should be the format of the show?

The most awaited dance reality show of the nation is Dance India Dance. Needless to say about the authenticity of this show. The total program builds upon the cast and the contestants’ performance. So the selection processes need to be so healthy and fair. It brings the talent from the length and breadth of India as well as from outside the country. Auditions take place in various cities with three panels of judges. After the first round, selected candidates are asked to come to Mumbai and then a final round of selection takes place. Total 18 candidates will be selected for the main TV show.

What should be the finale date and probable contestants?

Prediction is a natural human behaviour that all the audiences make during the Dance India Dance TV show. Who will be the winner? Which contestants can make their existence remarkable by entering into the final round? Which day the final round is going to happen? And much more

After The Show:

Who is the champion?

The question regarding the champion face is quite common. Every single person in this country wants to know about the person name and identity. What particular form of dance he or she is specialized for? Who is the idol? and so on. Nevertheless, the winner of season 5 Dance India Dance is Proneeta Swargiary who is a sole fan of Madhuri Dixit.

Who was the first runner up?

Nirmal Tamang from Nepal was the first runners-up of Dance India Dance season 5. Though he belongs from an army background, his passion is dancing. He proved himself as a strong contestant during the whole journey.

Who was the second runner up?

Sahil Adaniya from Jodhpur was the second runners up of Dance India Dance season 5. His strenuous performance astonished the fans across the globe.

What is the possibility and announcement regarding next season?

After the end of DID season 5, very next question which has been frequently asked by the audience and by upcoming contestants is all about strategy and judges of the next season. The success and popularity of this reality show touch the height of success. New trainees and curious dancers are waiting to know the possible declaration for next season. It is the eminent platform for dancers to host owns self.  So keep in touch to know the details about the season.


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