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Shortly after it was announced that the common people can become contestants on the 10th season of Bigg Boss, questions began to flood in regarding the details of participation. People have been wanting to know every tiny detail about it. There is a lot of skepticism regarding the details of participation in Bigg Boss 10. Here, I have gathered such queries under the same roof to help people eradicate their confusion.

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Q1. What should be the maximum size of the 3-minute video?

Your video should not exceed 50 Megabytes (MB).

Q2. What is the maximum number of videos that I can send?

You may send any number of videos you want to. But, one must not get carried away with this. You should only send the videos which will establish you as a serious contender.

Q3. I am neither an Indian nor a non-resident Indian. Can I be on the show?

No. The participation is open only for Indian nationals residing in India except UAE.

Q4. Can my videos be longer than 3 minutes?

No. It has to be less than or equal to 3 minutes.

Q5. What type of videos should I make before uploading them?

The video should essentially highlight the personality traits on which you are counting on. You need to be unique in many ways to stand a fair chance. Conceptualize your video by keeping these notions in your head. The video mustn’t be profane and obscene. It should not be aimed at offending any person, community or religion. Such participants will be immediately disqualified from the race.

Q6. What is the deadline for submission of videos?

31st May. But, you should apply as early as possible to avoid any last moment rushes.

Q7. How will I know that I have been selected after submission of my video?

The organizers of the show will reach out to you through a confirmation email or call. Thereafter, they will let you know of the further proceedings. Further rounds of audition will be conducted to decide the final contestants. Selected participants will be informed of the dates and venue of subsequent audition rounds.

Q8. Will I be considered if I miss out on a couple of eligibility requirements?

No. All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be considered.

Q9. What is the minimum age to apply for Bigg Boss 10?

18 years or more

Q10. Can I share the link through social networking sites for audition purpose?

No, only the submitted videos shall be considered.

Q11. Can I skip out any details in the online application form?

All the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk*) need to be filled while applying for Bigg Boss 10. One can skip the optional fields, but one should not.

Q12. Is there any sort of payment that needs to be made while registering?

You are not supposed to pay a penny during the registration.

Q13. I live in a region with poor internet facilities. What are the other alternatives to apply other than online?

You can send your videos on DVD to the following address – PO Box No 11943 – Azad Nagar Post Office, Mumbai 400053.

Q14. How do I make good videos?

Learn the art of video making online. You will find help. YouTube, particularly, can do the job for you.

Q15. I am from UAE. What are the eligibility criteria for me?

You need to be of at least 21 years of age with no criminal record.

If you still find yourself left with a question, you can visit the Bigg Boss 10 webpage and read the terms and conditions for further satisfaction. You can also sneak into the comments section there to water your thirst.

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