(FBB) Femina Miss India 2017 – Registration Details, Winner Name

The greatest opportunity of being accredited as the most beautiful woman in India is here again! The craze of Miss India has been always on high and this time even, it has got the same exciting buzz going around.

Femina Miss India 2017

As with every season of the beauty pageant, this year too, the management has revealed some of the details that will come handy when candidates come in registering their names for the pageant. These guidelines are to be followed very strictly otherwise the authorities have every right to cancel your registrations. The terms and conditions that are to be kept in mind while registering are:

  1. Height of the candidates must be at least 5’6” or above.
  2. The candidates must be 18 to 25 years of age (on 31st December 2017).
  3. The candidates must be in no case married or engaged.
  4. Every candidate should possess a passport.

It is to be considered that every aspirant of the title should resolve to stick to the rules and regulation of the programme. The major personal documents that the candidates have to furnish are:

  1. Age proof: This criterion implies passport, school leaving certificate, driver’s license, Pan Card and equivalent.
  2. Address proof: This calls for voter-identity card and equivalent forms of documents.

All the above mentioned documents are to be furnished without fail. Otherwise, your chances of getting selected would get cancelled.

Femina Miss India 2017 details

Some other instructions and criteria that pose as important for the registration part are as follow:

  1. The candidate should never have been married to any person in any form, race or religion. Also, the aspirant of the title should never have gone through the process of nullification of marriage.
  2. Te candidate is strictly to be considered whether she has ever got pregnant or mothered a child.
  3. By nature and instinct, the individual should have the traits of a normal female.
  4. The individual wishing to apply must be a genuine Indian by nationality.
  5. The candidate herself or any member of her family should not be in any form associated to Bennett Coleman and Company Limited, ABSL, TIL, Times Group, the sponsors of the contest or their contractors.
  6. The applicants also should not know be associated with the judges in any way.
  7. It is strictly expected that the contestants should not hold any contract with any company or other pageant.
  8. After getting shortlisted no participant can enrol themselves in any other beauty pageant or commercial contract whatsoever.
  9. No candidate can apply if they have won the pageant at any previous seasons of the contest.
  10. It is to be strictly considered that the individual should not have represented any other country in any other beauty pageant.
  11. Respective travelling and boarding expenses should be borne by all contestants themselves.
  12. The applicants should sport a skilled disposition while performing at the contest.

The afore-mentioned details about the registration can be viewed at the official website of the Femina Miss India. Fill up the form and upload three photos of yourself:

  1. A Close-up
  2. A Mid-shot and
  3. A Full-length photograph.

The photographs should not be more than 2 Mb and it would be appreciated if they were 450 PX x 600 PX in dimension.

Grab the chance to be crowned as Miss India 2017 now! 🙂

(FBB) Femina Miss India Winner Name 2017 – Who is Winner Femina Miss India 2017?

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