Didi No.1 Season 8 on Zee Bangla – Online Registration & Auditions Details

Zee Bangla is all set to bring its one of the huge reality shows Didi No. 1. The show loved by the bangla audience a lot and gave channel the highest TRP. Now the makers decided to bring the next season of Didi No.1. As per the report, Didi No.1 Season 8 is the second longest running reality show on Zee Bangla.

Didi No.1 Show Concept

The show has a very unique and nice concept. There are total four rounds in the show where the show’s host, Rachna Banerjee, will ask few questions to the participants. At the end of each episode, the prizes will be given to the participants. The winner of the episode will be awarded with a crest which will be different from other participants. The show is basically measure the women qualities on the basis of their emotional and achievement sense.

Didi No.1 Registration Process

So, if you want to participate in this show, here are the details about Didi No. Season 8 auditions and online registration. The online registration for Didi No.1 Season 8 has been opened now and all you have to do is visit the official website of Zee Bangla, click on the show’s link and fill the registration form available there. You have to fill your basic details there like Name, Age, Contact details etc.

So ladies, here’s your chance to prove your strength, intelligence and womanhood. It is the biggest opportunity for all Bangla women.

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