Daily Shot Photo Contest – Registration Details

Photography is a passion for many and National Geographic Channel is making dreams come true by organizing a daily shot photo contest. The theme of the contest is “Glimpses of Culture”! Photographers are expected to show the different cultures and varieties of our country. India is a diverse country with many things to look out for. Capture the most colorful and unique photo and your photo could be portrayed on the homepage of the channel itself. The photographs should match with the theme of the contest.

daily shot photo contest

Exciting prizes for the winner:

The contest is held for a month and the winner is decided at the end of the month. The lucky winner would get a chance to showcase their captures in Net Geo Traveler Home page. And that is not all! The picture would also be published in all social media websites so that the entire world comes to know of the capture and appreciate it. The winner also gets an Annual subscription To National Geographic Traveler India. He would also get a photographer’s jacket.

The Main Idea Behind the Theme:

The theme mainly concentrates on the daily things that happen in a certain place. It could be a weekday market or simply the photographer can show a person crossing the street. The reason behind clicking that capture should be mentioned in the photograph. Photographers should try out different subjects and things so that they can make a clear distinction between different perspectives.

Procedure to Apply to the Program:

The form for applying to the contest is available in the Net Geo. Your full name, address, email should be provided along with a reason for choosing that photograph. But, there are certain rules and conditions that need to be followed which are:

  1. The photo should be in JPEG format and the dimensions should be 1024 x 768 pixels.
  2. Editing only to the lowest is allowed but the photo should not be altered in any case.
  3. The photo should be an original one and should not be published in any magazine or digital media before or else the photo will be disqualified.
  4. The minimum age limit for participating in the contest is above 18 years and photos can be submitted by parents for minors.

This contest is a chance for photographers to show their hidden talents and give their best shot!

May the best win!! 🙂

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