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ALT Balaji keeps on bringing new Hinglish demonstrates that Vikram Bhatt has broadly marked as not appropriate for Indian TV groups of onlookers. In Class of 2017 web serial, we get a look into the lives high schoolers from a Hollywood school film glimpse. The new young dramatization with puts concentrate on youngsters or teenagers who feel the height of pressure to do whatever’s the event thing to do or things they assume every other person is doing and is ‘cool’.

Class of 2017 web series

Concept/ Storyline:

ALT Balaji, Class of 2017 web serial turns around lives of 9 young people living on a school campus and finding latest or new freedom opportunity. A sort of story about growing age students, the show highlights how the peer pressure can make young people do doltish things. It additionally highlights the vulnerable while seething hormones assume control presence of mind and adolescents dive head-on into turned out to be a revolt for ubiquity and social acceptance in the group. So you have the whole agenda with wild pool parties, discussions about virginity, first-time drinking and smoking encounters and the various questions that are maybe at the top point of a youngster’s. How, what and when questionnaire


ALT Balaji promoted the official video trailer and videos at YouTube, and day by day the videos are getting more popular. The videos are got lakhs of viewers and good comment on it.

Download the ALTBalaji app and watch the videos on your mobile devices.

Timing/telecasting details:

  • Show name: Class of 2017
  • Telecast Channel: ZEE TV
  • Telecast date: July 2017
  • Genre: Drama, Teen
  • Language: Hindi
  • Production company: ALT Balaji
  • Network: ALT Balaji
  • Director: SuyashVadhavkar


  • ShwetaBajpai
  • KrissannBarretto
  • AnshumanMalhotra
  • RohitSuchanti
  • AshishChanchlani
  • Pooja S Jadhav
  • Rohan Shah
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • AdhishKhanna
  • Sarah Khatri
  • KajolTyagi


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