Boogie Woogie Winners List from Season 1 to 7

Boogie-Woogie Winners of all season

Season 1 (1997) :

This show was fast started in the year of 1996 while ended in the year of 1997. Contestants exhibit their strenuous performance over the stage to set the stage on fire. After lot of hard battle among the aspiring contestants, the trophy was uplifted by Phulwa Khamkar.

Season 2 (2003) :

This particular show was not in the frame for a long time in the television. After 1996, the show was aired for second time in 2003. A gap of 5 to 6 years cannot fade the popularity of this show which stimulates the director to continue the show after a long gap. The show was equipped with some spell bind performances. However the winner face of that season was Damandeep Singh who had lifted the crown by showing astonishing performance before the judges.

Season 3 (2008) :

The season 3 of this dance reality show has been started from March, in the year of 2008. Auditions were taken place well across the country to bring the talents from all regions. “Videocon” was added with the name of this show that season providing the sponsorship for this Boogie Woogie championship. The winner of this show was Jayakumar Nair who amazed the judges and as well as the audiences with his eye catchy body flexibility.

Season 4 (2008) :

The very next season of Boogie Woogie was the season 4th which has been aired in the year of 2008. In the last week of November, the show was started with taking the talented and aspiring dancers from all over the country. Winner of this season were Asif & Rais. Their strenuous performance had bound the audience to move matching with their step.

Season 5 (2009) :

After the successive all 4 seasons, the Boogie Woogie championship was returned with its 5th season as being rectified by the name of “Boogie Woogie Mummy’s Championship”. It was started in the year of 2009 just after the season number 4. This edition of dance show was continued from February to October of 2009 which was restored by Dance Premier League. As the competition did not meet the final round, the winner of this season was not declared.

Season 6 (2010) :

The most awaited dance reality show was returned with its season number six from the very middle of 2010. This specific edition finale round was first aired on TV on 13th august in the year of 2010. More, importantly, this edition of Boogie Woogie was broadcasted twice in a week on wednesday and thursday. The grand finale of this show was featured on 13th August, 2010 while the winner of this season was Pranav Pradeep.

Season 7 (2013):

Season 7 was held in the year of 2013 in which Abhishek Sinha became the winner of that championship. He was one of the most talented dancers among all contestants. He uplifted the trophy by defeating all other deserving candidates. This particular season was hosted by familiar TV face Sargun Mehta.

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