Bigg Boss 10: 20th Nov’16 Eviction update – Lokesh, Rahul, Karan or Mona Lisa?

Last night, 20th Nov’16 was another special episode of eviction at Bigg Boss house. Just like any other weekend episode, it had everything – crazy antics of everyone living inside the house and there was of course Salman Khan who mediated it all of this hub-bub very well, like a mother hen keeping control among her chicks but with dance numbers and fun games instead of pecking them with beaks.

Bigg boss 10 eviction

So anyway all was done in the name of entertainment, nothing to be so tensed or worried about, but what SHOULD make you a wee bit tensed is the yesterday’s eliminations!

As it seemed that many were under the fire meter this time around but soon it was cleared that names like Lopamudra, Bani, Manu, Swami Om, Gaurav, Manveer are safe! And Lokesh, Rahul, Karan and Mona Lisa are trapped this time!

So, who is going to go back home!

Well, this time there was double eviction and on first day without any delay, Karan was evicted from the Bigg Boss 10 and on the second day, Salman Khan revealed the second evicted member, i.e. Lokesh. Well all other are safe to play and entertain us for few more days.

Karan Mehra Bigg Boss

lokesh kumari sharma

Seeing as how things are not remaining the same as we have known Big Boss so far, we can expect it to be very unexpectedly shocking in the future! 🙂

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