Big Music Highway – First Folk & Fusion Show on Indian Road – Concept, Launch Date, Timings, Host and promo

Big FM radio network, which is best known for creating unique music shows for their listeners, have recently launched India’s first folk and fusion music festival named “Big Music Highway”, in collaboration with Paddy Fields. With this typical show, Big Fm radio has turned out to be the first radio network in India to bring the country’s rich folk music, which is found to be presented in a contemporary garb in the broadcast space on a mainstream platform. The Big Fm’s latest show, which is being sired on every Sunday from 6 Pm to 7 Pm in Mumbai, is hosted by the renowned RJ Siddharth.

big music highway folk music show


The music festival aims at entertaining and educating listeners regarding several characteristics of folk music and also its influence over such talents including Papon, Salim-Suleiman, SunitaBhuyan, ShubhaMudgal, Mame Khan and ChaarYaar among others. There will not be any classified target audience for Big Music Highway as it has comprised of anyone who would like to listen towards ethereal, earthy and Colloquial sounds.

Leslie Lewis who is one among the artists, has now come up with an innovative concept through this unique show. Right now, he has composed nearly 10 different songs together with existing artistes that are supposed to be fresh and being aired only on Big FM. The show not just receives great feedback from its audience, yet also from the industry.


RJ Siddharth was personally chosen for hosting the show because of his keen interest as well as understanding of folk music.


The promo of this music festival has been recently released on You Tube channel. Being a unique show, it will resonate with India’s huge cultural diversity bringing to forefront a refreshed and energized version of folk & fusion music in the country. In addition to language, music also tends to change India’s each and every few kilometers.

Timing details:

  • Show Name: Big Music Highway – India’s first folk and music festival
  • Channel Name: Big FM Radio Network
  • Launch date:
  • Days: Every Sunday
  • Timings: 6.00 Pm to 7.00 Pm
  • Produced by: Big Fm in association with Paddy Fields
  • Genre: Music festival


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