“Bachelors” Web Series Season 2 on TVF – Casts, Story, and Details

One of your most favorite web series “Bachelors” is again back with a new season. The season 2 will contains the same casts such as Jizzy, Shivankit, and Badri. Your favorite person on internet “Jeet” is joining the season 2 and Gopal Dutt is playing the villain role as done in the previous season. Gopal Dutt will sometimes be a society watchman and sometimes be a professor in this season.

Bachelors Web Series Season 2

The director of this series said that his own bachelor life is the inspiration to take this series that includes jobless, loveless, penny less and of course loveless. It is known that this series will be aired on 24th November and stay tuned to watch this series!


This season will be a journey of four persons namely Jizzy, Shivankit, Badri and Jeetu and the struggles which they go through each and every day. In this second season, the bachelors are trying to get a job, cook meals for them. Each episode will have hilarious situations in their life that will have a combo of some comics and drama. This season also has some adventurous and it has been launched on 24th November. Never miss watching this show.

Star Casts:

  • Shivankit Parihar
  • Badri Chavan
  • Jasmeet Singh
  • Jeetu
  • Gopal Dutt


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